Review: Street Percussion: NYC from Big Fish Audio


Street Percussion: NYC captures a huge collection of performances with the authentic feel of great sounding studio recordings. The instrument comes with over 2,100 loops and dozens of muti-sampled buckets, drums kits and street style metal and wood percussion.

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Review: Street Percussion: NYC from Big Fish Audio

Street Percussion: NYC sells for $99 from Big Fish Audio


Street Percussion: NYC DEMO instrument allows you to preview all 26 constuction kit grooves

Street Percussion: NYC is available in two versions. One version as Kontakt instruments and another as a collection of Apple Loops, REX, WAV, RMX & AciD. For my review of Street Percussion: NYC, I had the pleasure of checking out the Kontakt instrument. The Kontakt instrument collection comes with multi-sampled instruments including buckets, metal hits, blocks and 2 drum kits and is housed in the KLI 3 engine.

The library comes with over 2,100 loops. The loops have been recorded in a variety of tempos but sync to your host DAW. The Kontakt instrument comes with a HUGE collection of over 2,000 NKIs including multi-sampled instruments and drum kits. The loops of the library are broken down as 26 construction kits separate Kit Combos for both Drums and Percussion NKIs.

The Kontakt library is housed in the KLI 3 engine. This gives you another level of customization and this library really shines in the Sliced Loop NKIs. The KLI’s “Slice Instruments” interface lets users manipulate each slice of the sample playback volume, pan, pitch, attack, decay and more. Also – a HUGE PRO is the ability to drag the midi directly from the interface into your DAW for even more customization. This is extremely handy if you are a fan of the RMX “drag -and-edit” style of manipulation.


In addition, every loop for every instrument has been given their own patch making it easy to quickly arrange and mix loops on the fly.

Each patch in the Kontakt player will automatically sync with your DAW’s host tempo, making integration with your production seamless.

The KLI 3 engine also comes with a huge collection of effects and control points for each of the FX parameters. For a full walkthorough of the KLI 3 engine see the official video below.


Stand-outs for me were the that Drum Hit menus allow users the ability to play through all the Bucket and Small Drums or Metals and Woods in 2 Kontakt instruments. These Drum Hit instruments contained the samples of the included instruments with 2 velocity layers mapped across the keyboard



The big highlight of the library is that it comes with such a HUGE collection of great sounding percussion loops. An immediate concern I found is the strange organization of the instruments. It took me some time to figure out what I was getting and where the loop instruments were vs where the multi-sampled instruments were stored.

Another drawback that is important to mention is that the multi-sampled instruments are limted to 2 velocity layers.  These will sound great playing full on in the breakbeat style, but for softer more dynamic performances, users will need to do some parameter surfing to get a large dynamic range out of the instrument.

The library very faithfully captures the character of NYC street performers and since it is named “NYC” we can hope that more cities will soon follow!

Demos of Street Percussion: NYC


Street Percussion NYC DEMO 1 Recorded by Big FIsh Audio Inc.

Street Percussion NYC DEMO 2 Recorded by Big FIsh Audio Inc.

Street Percussion NYC DEMO 3 Recorded by Big FIsh Audio Inc.