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If you’re not using stereo enhancement in your mixes you are missing out! StereoSavage provides many features and options for individual tracks to add dimension and effect to your mixes.

Download the free demo and find out for yourself from Plugin Boutique

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Review StereoSavage by Plugin Boutique / Credland Audio

Originally Published June 9, 2016

StereoSavage sells for $79 from Plugin Boutique



StereoSavage contains a number of tools to emulate modern and retro effects in a single plugin.

You can create stereo from mono source, adjust placement and width of stereo sources, create a rotation or panning effect, create width in a vocal track, add motion through modulation and (my favorite) expand your stereo field while retaining a centered bass with the bass bypass feature.

In my tests (in the video above) I found the plugin to be great for adding width and clarity to my final master bus.If you’re not using stereo enhancement in your mixes you are missing out!

I also heard how StereoSavage could add interest and depth to drum/percussion loops which will sound great for the kind of scoring work I do. Pop and EDM producers will get a lot more use out of the plugin as it may be their go-to Swiss-army-knife with all the options for vocals, bass and LFO effects.



The brief tests I did on vocals sounded good, but for the kinds of underscore I usually need to create I don’t know if StereoSavage will be a go-to for the majority of my vocal productions. Although the plugin will widen vocals and can add effects (chorus, phase, rotation, LFO) this is not a complete vocal tool kit. Not to dismiss that it can’t be used in many genres, but I found StereoSavage to be more effective at creating “pop” style vocal effects with a simple to use interface adding depth and doubling with a few easy clicks.

The plugin has options for effecting the signal with VOX, DELAY and EXPAND effects.  WIDTH, PAN and ROTATION settings to place your sound to sit precisely where you want it. The LFO allows you to add chorus and phase-like effects as well as movement.

StereoSavage’s claim is that this is the first time all of these features have been included in a single plugin making StereoSavage a versatile effect that can be used in dozens of ways on everything from single instrument/drum tracks to your master mix tracks. I don’t know about the former, but they are absolutely spot on about the versatility of the plugin.

StereoSavage provides many features and options for both instrument tracks as well as final mix. If you are the least bit interested, or if you aren’t using any stereo widening on your final mixes, I highly recommend you pick up the FREE TRIAL at Plugin Boutique.



StereoSavage is a plugin for Mac OS (AU, VST, AAX) &  Windows (VST, AAX) both in 32/64 bit

StereoSavage sells for $79 from Plugin Boutique

You can get the free trial at Plugin Boutique



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