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Review The Source from DayTone Audio


The Source sounds great. It is a fantastic instrument especially considering it sells for less than 40 bucks.


With The Source you get a surprising number of great sounding presets and controls to make the instrument come to life. What really sets this instrument apart are is the quality of the sound sets and presets included. By using source-based synthesis DayTone Audio have crafted a great sounding synth that is so affordable. “The Sources” of the samples for the instrument come from electric cellos, guitars, basses, synthesizers, ethnic instruments, percussion, and human voices

The Source Daytone Audio

The Source Daytone Audio

The Facts

The Source weighs in at 493MB (of NCW lossless compression) contains 50 sound patches with root samples from, Electric Guitar/Bass. Electric Cello, Human Voices,Synthesizers, World Instruments, old furnace, oil
drum and more. 
Source samples were recorded at up to and over 60 secs each.

The Source requires the Full Kontakt v. 5.4.3 or later.

Effects and controls of the instrument include: Mod wheel control for volume and ADSR, Distortiontempo-synced Pulse/LFO, Convolution Reverb and Filter.

The Source is available from DayTone Audio for $39.99

Official Demos of The Source

Videos of The Source