Review: Simple Violin from FluffyAudio


Designed for simple passionate phrases, Simple Violin is great for creating realistic sounding performances. Getting past it’s limits of articulations and hearing how well this legato instrument works there is a lot to like about Simple Violin.

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Simple Violin a new instrument from FluffyAudio. The solo string instrument is limited to one dynamic layer and one true legato articulation.  It uses the same engine as FluffyAudio’s more advanced instruments giving you a lot of controls under the hood, yet a very easy to play instrument.

Simple Violin sells for $49 (on sale at time of publishing for $39) from FluffyAudio


While recording violin samples in a beautiful concert hall, the team at Fluffy Audio had a little extra time so they decided to capture a single dynamic, played with passion and vibrato with the idea of creating a simple instrument with true legato that would be easy to play. With that they have succeeded! Simple Violin is everything and more than I expected going into the instrument especially knowing it’s limitations.

It is a violin sampled with just one true legato articulation and full sustain notes that follow the legato. The instrument has key switches for choosing between the Legato & Fast Legato sample playback as well as “PACING” settings that allow you to adjust between “Concert” performances and “Intimate” style performances. I couldn’t find any deatils on these settings as there isn’t a dedicated manual for the instrument, (a manual is included for the engine) but switching the setting while reviewing the instrument did seem to change the tone and timbre a bit for the parameters description.



The big limitation as I mentioned is that Simple Violin has only one sampled dynamic layer.  With that limitations comes a low memory footprint with the instrument only loading up using 140MB! That limitation is a big CON for those looking for an instrument with staccatos, marcatos, pizzicatos, etc.

However, Simple Violin is housed in Fluffy Audio’s DCE Engine.  DCE allows the ability to create some expressive performances by using scripting for dynamic blending. The clever scripting seems to stretch the usability of the instrument quite a bit.  Settings are also available to allow the the mod wheel to adjust between the dynamics. I really like how the interface clearly shows the dynamic of the sample playback that is being triggered.

A low memory footprint of only 140MB!

Fluffy Audio‘s idea behind sampleing Simple Violin with only one dynamic layer was to do minimal processing and compression on the source samples for a more natural expressiveness pplayback. Since the instrument is housed in their DCE Engine, samples are intelligently transitioned from one legato to the next, with similar dynamics.

On of the things I really like about the instrument is the ability to trigger up or down re-bowing to continue and sustain the notes. In my opinion this gives the instrument a very live and realistic sound.

Key switches for re-bowing add a nice bit of intimacy and realism to the instrument.

The Sounds Panel gives you more options including adjustment controls of the 3 microphone sample positions for playback. Even though the instrument was sampled in a concert hall I found the close mic to be very intimate, while the far mic provided a very nice timbre and tail of it’s own.


Another big suprise for me was how much I liked the included reverbs in the instrument. As I have stated many times I usually tend to stay away from Kontakt instrument reverb, but found the 17 Impulse’s included with Simple Violin to just work very well for a variety of moods and feels.

The Behavior page gives you lots of controls if you wanted to really get in a tweak out the articulations and shape how playback behaves and the Dynamics panel gives ability to switch from the Natural dynamic of the sample or slide over to an “Auto-Gain” parameter that forces mod wheel input to dictate dynamics.

an “Auto-Gain” parameter forces the mod wheel input to dictate dynamics.



Another highlight while reviewing the instrument was the Humanize Tuning setting.  which can randomize a slight de-tuning in relation to the played dynamic. This adjustment is found in the preferences panel and will intelligently randomize a slight de-tuning of playback for added realism. It is just noticeable, but very effective at adding another layer of believability.

Getting past it’s limited articulations and hearing how well this legato instrument works for a very specific kind of performance there is a lot to like about Simple Violin.  If your into the simplicity of being able to play legato violin with ease, this instrument is a deal at the asking price, and a steal at the special intro price of only $39.




Simple Violin contains 1255 samples and downloads as 1.35 GB (ncw compressed) 2.8 GB original sample size. The instrument comes with 3 mic positions over a 3 octaves note range and includes 2 kinds of True Legato with full sustained note after legato and Key Triggered Rebowings.

Simple Violin is housed in Fluffy Audio‘s DCE Engine for dynamic blending which has and advanced Articulation Editor, Improved humanized tuning, Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance and an Animated GUI with many configurable parameters.

The library comes with in-line “silkener”, “saturation, “limiter” and a reverb that includes 17 Impulse responses.

Simple Violin sells for $49 (on sale at time of publishing for $39) from FluffyAudio


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