Review: Sculptor Massive Whooshes by Gothic Instruments


 With razor sharp focus and a huge selection of presets, Sculptor Massive Whooshes offers a plethora of parameters for designing fresh and exciting whooshes.

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Review: Sculptor Massive Whooshes by Gothic Instruments


Every once in a while you open a new library and get that feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement of the shiny new interface. And the build up giddiness when you press the key and hear/see the instrument come to life. That is exactly the way it felt for me to start my review of Gothic Instruments new library Sculptor Massive Wooshes

Sculptor Massive Whooshes sells for $60 (excluding VAT) exclusively from Time and Space



Sculptor Massive Wooshes downloads as a little under 1 GB and does require the full version of Kontakt. The library comes with just under 140 Kontakt presets Wooshes that are clearly organized in folders by category including Clean, Detuned, Extreme, Gated, High Speed, Reverse Stops, Special FX & Velocity Control. Each preset has 16 different whooshes available that are triggered with the keyboard. The presets alone provide over 2,200 different whoosh combinations.


Sculptor Massive Wooshes Folder Structure

I had just reviewed Gothic Instrument’s Dronar Guitarscapes a couple weeks ago and loved the tones and timbres of that instrument. That was my first introduction to using any of Gothic Instruments libraries.  After reviewing Guitarscapes I was excited to check out more of Gothic Instruments libraries so I already had some anticipation once I got the email to check out  Sculptor Massive Wooshes.

The instrument is comprised of 3 layers which are referred to as Elements. The 3 Elements are Attack, Peak and Decay. Users can load one sample into each of the Elements.  Each of the Elements has separate controls for crossfades between 3 different sounds.

The samples for the instrument were created sound by designer Alessandro Camnasio whose credits include Hollywood trailers for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Resident Evil 6 & Mad Max Fury Road. Alessandro captured a “wide variety of sources, both organic and synthetic, such as water, rocks, fire, animals, machines and electromagnetic noise” and manipulated those recordings for the instrument.



Sculptor Massive Wooshes Elements

The instrument also comes with a RANDOM button which will randomly load in new samples into the instrument of the selected (Green) key. This makes seeking out new and exciting whoosh sounds really easy to do.

Of the just under 140 Kontakt instrument presets included in Sculptor Massive Whooshes, each preset comes with 16 different preprogrammed whoosh sounds. The sculpted whooshes spread across the blue color coded part of the keyboard.

Of the just under 140 Kontakt instrument presets included in Sculptor Massive Whooshes, each preset comes with 16 different preprogrammed whoosh sounds spread across the blue color coded part of the keyboard.

The 2 black keys of the instrument mute the sound acting as a playable noise gate. The Red keys act as GUI controls for pan movement and whoosh lengths (1/8, 1/4, 1 & 2 measures). I know this is specifically called “Massive Whooshes” but I would have liked to have seen even longer choices of 4 or more measures so I could play with these as Risers as well. Maybe we will be seeing a Risers instrument in the Gothic Instruments in the future?



Sculptor Massive Whooshes Colored Keyboard Controls

One thing I really appreciate is that the instruments show changes of the pan movement and whoosh length right on the front of the interface as you trigger them via Red key switches .



Sculptor Massive Whooshes Bottom Row Of Controls

The bottom row of controls allows for even more adjustments to the currently selected sound (last played note highlighted as the Green Key) The controls include velocity sensitivity, filter cutoff, filter Q, velocity filter map, envelope filter map. pitch, decay and release time.



Sculptor Massive Whooshes Main Effects Page

Additional Master Effects are available for even more sound sculpting. The master effects have their own page and are globally effecting every sound currently loaded in the instrument. The Master Effects include drive, compression, a filter as insert effects. The Delay and Reverb are available as send effects.

The bottom of the Master Effects page comes with a “Gater” effect as well. The GATER is a rate controlled noise gate, with adjustments for speed, depth and width.

Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy crafting some trailer tracks and creating video journals as I audit the Aspiring Trailer Composer Course. One thing I kept feeling like I could really use were a new/fresh risers and wooshes. For me, Sculptor Massive Whooshes couldn’t be released at a better time.

I think Sculptor Massive Wooshes will be useful for electronic music producers, composers working on sound design projects and trailer composers. The only real CON I see in the library is that it is so specialized, if you don’t need whooshes, this instrument won’t be for you.

Sculptor Massive Whooshes sells for $60 (excluding VAT) exclusively from Time & Space


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