First Look Scoring Guitars: Gravity Pack 03 by Heavyocity (currently 50% OFF)


A fantastic collection of guitar drones, pulses and textures using the amazing Gravity engine! Even though the library only has 760+ samples the possibilities are endless.

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Checking Out Scoring Guitars by Heavyocity

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This is a stand-alone instrument – YOU DO NOT NEED GRAVITY to run the instrument.

For the little time, I have gotten to spend with the instrument I am really enjoying the textures, the pallet of sounds included. The samples included in the instrument are top-notch, but since they are housed in the incredible gravity engine you are able to really take them much further to craft your own pulses, textures and rhythmic devices.

I think I will get a lot of use out of this library and highly recommend it for anyone scoring for picture as well as those who are looking for some superb sonic guitar textures and pulses to kick start and inspire new compositions.

Scoring Guitars by Heavyocity normally sells for $99.00

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Demos of Scoring Guitars: Gravity Pack 03

Videos of Scoring Guitars: Gravity Pack 03