Review: Sample Spotlight’s review of Cinematic Studio Piano by Cinematic Studio Series


Samples Spotlight’s Review of Cinematic Studio Piano by Cinematic Studio Series

CSP is Cinematic Studio Series’ flagship Piano library. Cinematic Studio Piano is a versatile piano sample library in the Kontakt Player format. Compatible with both the full and Free version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematic Studio Piano was created from a sample set recorded from a Yamaha C7 Grand. Cinematic Studio Piano is recorded in the same world-class scoring stage as Cinematic Studio Strings, and is the perfect piano accompaniment to the rest of the series. With an integrated high-quality reverb, multiple microphone positions and carefully recorded key and pedal noises, CSP’s intuitive GUI and real-life sound make it an invaluable addition to your orchestral template.
CSP uses the same straightforward GUI as the rest of the series and is available now for Kontakt and Kontakt player.

Cinematic Studio Piano by Cinematic Studio sells for $69 from Time & Space

Video’s of Cinematic Studio Piano