Review: Reflection by Resomonics


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Review: Reflection by Resomonics


Reflection is the flagship instrument from new developer Resomonics. The library s billed as a “soundtrack” designer.

Reflection sells for £49.95 from Resomonics



Reflection comes with a wide range of very stylized presets categorized as Pads, Synths, Arpeggiated, Rhythms
Bass, Cinematic Noises & Hits and Drones. The sample set of the library was recorded from an “old 80’s ‘toy’ keyboard” which seems to have been designed and sculpted into the 200 + cinematic presets the library contains.


Reflection has some very raw sounding samples and a lot of edge and character.  Many of the presets even have a designed bit of noise that really make this sample set stand apart. I personally was inspired checking out the instrument, so much so that I stopped the review to start writing a track.  Although you can get in an adjust of some of the “noise” sample playback, I think some composers might be turned off by the raw character of this library.

The dull and dark presets come in the Photosynthesis engine which enables users a number of options with panels for effects, step LFOs, arpeggiation, send effects and ADSR.



One thing that I really did like about the library is that if you are digging the sounds of a preset that uses the arp or step effects and want to change that into your custom rhythm it is easy to jump in and make it fit your composition,

For a library that sells for under £50 I have to admit that I am quite impressed with the offerings as a sound design tool kit. As I stated above, the noises and very stylized sounds may not be compatible to some music makers tastes.


Reflections downloads as about 550 MB and does require the full version of Kontakt

Reflection sells for £49.95 from Resomonics

Demos of Reflection

Videos of Reflection