Review: Recirculate by AudioReward


With it’s unique, synthetic pads, DOSA Engine and controls for sequencing patterns, Recirculate can work wonders to create rich and lush synthetic soundscapes. This one is easy to navigate and comes bundled with an extensive collection of snapshots.

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Review: Recirculate by AudioReward

Recirculate is a synth instrument that produces very unique cinematic synthetic sounds. Mostly lush pad sounds with customizable gating and step sequencing patterns. It features a dual layer architecture with filters, LFOs, drift controls, and effects sends. It uses a proprietary feature called DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture). This allows for unique audio playback where subtle changes happen so that each voice is different every time the notes are triggered.

The sounds were sampled and designed up by sound designer Audio Warp, who was also the sound designer involved with their other instrument, Headphase V2. The sounds have been sourced from a collection of rare and classic synths, and have been processed through the engine to give you some interesting hybrid synth sounds.

Recirculate sells for £25.00 from Kontakthub


This is quite a niche synth instrument. If you’re looking for something with interesting lush pads with some unique playback and step sequencing and gated patterns, then this is definitely the instrument for you. Audio Reward label it as a ‘Cinematic Synthetic Sounds’ instrument. And it is definitely that. Even though there are quite a few controls to edit the sounds, it does have its own cohesive unique synth sound. While jumping through the different snapshot presets, they all seemed to have a tonal quality that stuck with them throughout the patch hunting. But, what definitely comes across is a lush pad sound that will fit perfectly as a tonal bed or soundscape for your compositions.

My favorite part of the instrument is its DOSA Engine. The extended name is the Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Engine, and in short what it does is it alters the synth engine audio playback over time slightly so that it adds movement and interest to each voice. What this does is it imparts an analog, and also a human realism to the instrument and its sound. Which is very cool.

Also combining this with the drift control you can really get these thick, rich, lush pads that have an analog feel to them with the movement and dynamics created in conjunction with the DOSA Engine. The Drift control can be found on the top Voicings panel and this panel is pretty easy to understand. You have a choice of two voices. You can edit the volume, pan and pitch of each voice. And then you have the global Attack, Decay and Drift control of the sound.

The filters are quite simple to use. You have a Frequency and Resonance dial and then a selection of three filter shapes. And the same with the LFO, nothing too complex here. There’s a Frequency and Depth dial. Then 4 waveshapes to choose from and to thicken up the sound even more you have a choice of Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Unison.

Even if you’re not feeling too adventurous to program the synth, you can click the Random button and it will randomize all the parameters. And this is a very easy way to quickly try out new and unexpected sounds with the instrument.

Finally on each voice you have 4 sends that go to 4 Effects channels where you have a choice of either Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser. These are pretty basic Modulation effects. But they can also add some extra flavor and movement to the synth sounds.

This synth instrument has a very unique niche sound if you’re looking for a lush synthetic pad instrument with extra control to add in some step sequence and gated patterns. It’s very easy to navigate around the controls, plus comes bundled with an extensive collection of snapshots you can jump through to find different synths sounds for the instrument. And this instrument will work wonders if you need something to create rich and lush synthetic soundscapes for your compositions.


This is a 1.4GB size library Kontakt instrument catering towards cinematic synthetic sounds. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7 or later,

The instrument consists of two voices where you have a selection of 80 waveforms, patches, and 151 snapshots you can choose from, plus it includes a 32 step sequencer, 4 sends that are routed to 5 effects. It also has filter and LFO controls.


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