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PSI Marimba

My Thoughts

PSI does is again by starting with a beautiful source instrument, deep sampling (over 10,221sample) and scripting 5 phase aligned microphone position mic controls which include Close (Neumann TLM 103), Stereo (Neumann KM184 pair) & Wide (AKG C414 B-ULS pair) Mics as well as ambient Ribbon (Coles 4038 pair) & Room (Neumann u87 pair) Mics.

The PSI Marimba is a 52 note, 10,221sample, 6.2 GB (3.2 compressed) library with extended range of 5 octaves on some instruments.

PSI Marimba requires Full version of Kontakt 4.0.2 or higher.

By starting with the rolls royce of marimbas (the Robert Van Sice Artist Series 4 & 1/3 Octave Rosewood Marimba) and focusing on quality and control every step of the way PSI Marimba offers a great range of kontakt instrument variations and it sure to be my go-to marimba.

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