Review: Omnisphere GaiKaiju by The Unfinished


What happens when Omnisphere meets The Unfinished in an epic superhero showdown? Omnisphere GaiKaiju! This is a unique soundset full of the kind of sounds that can send an action/tension score flying straight into the stratosphere!

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Review: Omnisphere GaiKaiju by The Unfinished

Omnisphere GaiKaiju is another winner from the sound design genius of The Unfinished. This soundset is a juggernaut for scoring action, adventure, and superhero tracks. However, composers who will never score the next Marvel blockbuster will find many useful patches here for action, adventure, and more.

Omnisphere GaiKaiju sells for £69.99 from The Unfinished


I regularly find myself gushing over the latest soft synth soundset release from The Unfinished and Omnisphere GaiKaiju is no different. While this more niche set of patches will not prove to be essential for every composer, there is so much here to love. From pounding drum and bass sequences to pitch-bending synths, spectacular soundscapes, and transition effects, Omnisphere GaiKaiju holds a unique place in the Omnisphere catalog.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to find within Omnisphere GaiKaiju:

ARP + BPM – 195 Patches
The first stop along any soundset journey I embark on is the ARP + BPM patches. I regularly find inspiration in these kinds of patches, so I’m always looking for something new and excited to inspire my next track. The ARP + BPM section of Omnisphere GaiKaiju is by far the largest selection of patches within this soundset, and for good reason. Nothing builds an action sequence like a pulsing bass or drum pattern, and there are plenty of those here. The Unfinished has long created some of the best bass pulses out there, so it’s no surprise that they are aplenty within Omnisphere GaiKaiju. You will find everything from dark, subtle pulses to distorted and mangled bass pulses that will completely take over your track. Another highlight here are the various time signatures introduced in these patches. I have a habit of writing my tracks in 4/4, or on rare occasions 3/4, so I find this to be a great place to inspire me to think outside my current box. Omnisphere GaiKaiju is all about adventure, so who knows? Maybe my next track will lead me into the adventurous world of 12/8 or 5/4! Something I have yet to see within any soft synth soundset are patches in the style of Shephard’s Tones – a musical device most recently popularized by Hans Zimmer’s score for the film “Dunkirk.” This was a fun surprise and something I have yet to see many other sound designers tackle. Again, The Unfinished takes us into uncharted territory and makes us glad we came along for the journey.

Bells and Vibes – 3 Patches
While bells and vibes are not the strength of this soundset, the 3 patches included here definitely fit into the ethos on display within Omnisphere GaiKaiju.

Bowed Colors – 8 Patches
Like probably every other composer reading this, I am a big fan of bows and strings. It’s always fun and surprising to find useful and unique bowed instrument patches within a synth soundset. While you might not find what immediately strikes you as “useful” here, you will find fun! These are mostly aleatoric patches but can add character and tension to your tracks.

Distortion – 7 Patches
If you like mangled patches that go beyond simple distortion, GaiKaiju is a great place to look. The distorted patches here are dark and dreary. There’s some pitch-bending here as well as some unusual FX-style patches

Electro Perc – 4 Patches
The patches here are dark and metallic and are great for layering with your more traditional percussion libraries. My favorite is a patch entitled “Rover Kick”, described as “Atmospheric, ethnic style, hybrid kick. Modwheel goes deep and dark.” I sure hope I remember to go back and look for this one among the 500+ patches here!

Hits and Bits – 35 Patches
These are synth-heavy, processed, dark percussive sounds that can add character and grit to your action or sci-fi tracks. There are some excellent patches here that will add plenty of metallic darkness to your music.

Human Voices – 6 Patches
These might be called “Human Voices”, but most of these patches sound anything but human! Dark, dreary, and airy, these patches will be great for adding a sense of unnerving chill to your tracks.

Hybrid Instruments – 3 Patches
While these are not necessarily standouts on their own, they fit well into the moody and spacious vibe that you find in GaiKaiju.

Keyboards – 6 Patches
While Omnisphere GaiKaiju is not destined to be the first place you look for keyboard patches, you will nonetheless find some great dusty, reverberate patches here. These are the kinds of pianos that you might expect to hear in a horror, suspense, or trailer track.

Noisescapes – 6 Patches
Next to ARP + BPM patches, sound and noisescapes are the stuff Omnisphere GaiKaiju is all about. These sounds make perfect beds on which to build your dark, unnerving track.

Pads + Strings – 52 Patches
This is one of the largest collection of sounds within GaiKaiju. These patches draw heavy inspiration from Hans Zimmer’s work with Benjamin Wallfisch in Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk. Many of these have a strong analog feel and vibe that will be perfect for a plethora of different kinds of tracks and scoring, but they fit right into the heart of the tone and mood of GaiKaiju. The Unfinished is fantastic at developing soundsets that present a consistent character and vibe. We all love pads, and these will be a great addition to any composer’s pallet.

Synth Bass – 36 Patches
The synth basses here have an industrial grit and edge to them that fits right into the rest of the soundset. These will be great for any number of action or adventure sequences and will especially find a home within tracks in the style of Blade Runner 2049.

Synth Mono – 7 Patches
Again, much like the Synth Basses, the 7 Synth Mono patches here will take you right to that Blade Runner vibe; dusty, dreary, and industrial.

Synth Poly – 9 Patches
Several of these patches have a lush, analog tone, while others have a beautiful, dystopian brightness to them. Think of a music box that’s been smashed by a vehicle from Mad Max and you’ll get the idea.

Synth Sweep – 25 Patches
The Synth Sweeps here are fantastic! Again, you might think of Blade Runner 2049, but this time imagine a pitch-bent dusty and dark tone. Many of these are bass-style pads with an atmospheric crescendo. I love these! There is so much movement in these with the ability to just add something special to your track.

Textures Playable – 17 Patches
The textures and soundscapes within GaiKaiju are so dark and beautiful. The playable textures you will find here are exactly that – dark, beautiful, and full of glorious dread.

Textures Soundscapes – 58 Patches
I love soundscapes and GaiKaiju is full of them! Again, these are of the dark, evolving, and beautiful variety. Plenty of great stuff to be found that could completely underscore many a scene all by themselves.

Transition Effects – 22 Patches
Lastly, the transition effects you will find in GaiKaiju are great. There are downers, risers, and even Shepard’s Tones to be found here. These are not the typical transition effects you would expect to find in a standard trailer sample library. Instead, these are unique and fit right in with the mood found within this soundset. Some of these have superhero cue written all over them.

Omnisphere GaiKaiju is sure to please any Omnisphere-lover who is looking for a unique soundset with a dark, dusty, analog, and beautiful vibe. This might not be the first soundset you will reach for when beginning a production track, but you’ll be glad to have it when the right cue comes along.


Omnisphere GaiKaiju includes 500 patches for Omnisphere 2.6+. Omnisphere GaiKaiju comes in two versions – Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version includes 50 additional patches created using the Bob Moog Tribute Library soundsources, which you will need to own to use the additional patches. Omnisphere GaiKaiju Standard can be purchased for £69.99. The Deluxe edition is £79.99. Both can be purchased from The Unfinished.

Omnisphere GaiKaiju sells for £69.99 from The Unfinished


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Contributor Raborn Johnson reviews Omnisphere GaiKaiju by The Unfinished
“What happens when Omnisphere meets The Unfinished in an epic superhero showdown? Omnisphere GaiKaiju! This is a unique soundset full of the kind of sounds that can send an action/tension score flying straight into the stratosphere!”