Review: Omnisphere Bundle from MIDIssonance


The Omnisphere Bundle from MIDIssonance is an amazing bang-for-your-buck package. With a huge variety of expertly programmed and useful sounds, this bundle alone can inspire and provide the building blocks for hundreds of contemporary and cinematic music tracks.

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Review: Omnisphere Bundle from MIDIssonance

The MIDIssonance Omnisphere Bundle is a package deal containing 4 different soundsets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 – Kinejo, Tajdo, Movado, and Symmetry. While each of these 4 products have different focal points, they all share in common a contemporary and cinematic flavor. With patches including pads, textures, arps, synth leads, keyboards, and just about everything else you can think of, this MIDIssonance bundle extends the already massive Omnisphere 2 sound selection in a meaningful and cohesive way.

Omnisphere Bundle sells for €64 from MIDIssonance


All four of the sound sets included in this bundle play very nicely with Omnisphere’s pre-existing controls and patch browser.

Most of the patches all fall under the same categories that Omnisphere’s factory sounds use, including ARP/BPM, Keyboards, Synth Poly, etc. This is very useful because the patches blend right in with the default sounds, making the huge categories feel even bigger if you keep your patch browser filtered to “All”. You can of course also filter by each sound set individually if you know that what you’re looking for can be found in one of the specific sets. It’s definitely a good thing that the patches are so well categorized, because the names of the patches are often cryptic and not very descriptive of the sound.

Tajdo is focused all around pads and atmospheres. With 56 pads and 64 textures, it will take a while to feel like you know them all by heart. There are atmospheres here that range from the most heavenly and relaxing to the grittiest and ugliest. A characteristic that these patches seem to largely share in common is the modwheel functionality. Often the sounds are darker and more mellow in nature by default – but the modwheel usually opens up filters or adds harmonics and other ways of brightening up the textures. Aside from smooth to gritty, this sound set also fills the spectrum of static and moving. Whether you need a rich analog string pad or an evolving texture that continues to change as long as you hold the key, Tajdo feels like a bottomless well of resources.

Symmetry is less of a focused and narrow product when compared to Movado or Tajdo. This sound set contains arps, basses, pads, impacts, leads, textures, keyboards and other smaller categories. Think of it as a miniature Omnisphere, but with an overall tone that slants more modern. As a jack of all trades set, this one gives composers all we need to create fully fleshed out cinematic tracks.

Kinejo covers the same ground as Symmetry, offering up an even mixture of loops/arps, textures, and playable instruments. The 150 total patches use a wide variety of sound sources and post processing. This results in a nice balance between patches that call to mind the rich and fat sound of analog synths and the more organic, indie sound that has clearly been derived from unusual treatments of acoustic instruments.

Movado consist of 128 patches worth of driving and rhythmic ARP/BPM sounds. As someone who has to write a lot of tracks very quickly, this is my personal favorite part of the bundle. It seems that no matter what kind of track I am writing, a little motion driven by Movado patches, whether it’s subtle metallic sparkles in the high range or a pounding bass arp, can benefit the final product. This sound set can be the icing that a modern cinematic track needs to feel complete, or it can be the main driving force of a piece of music. Thanks to the thoughtfully sculpted and sampled patches, these sounds will shine in whatever role you assign them to.

You can probably tell that the common thread holding these 4 packages together is the cinematic quality. Even when describing the edgier and dirtier sounds, I still find myself calling everything to come out of this bundle “smooth”. Everything just seems to drop right in to whatever track I’m working on. With the main Omnisphere library I often find myself disabling layers or adjusting filters to get rid of something that bothers me about the sounds. But, with this bundle I’ve written several tracks and never felt the need to “fix” any sounds. If you’re a composer/producer that writes with a flair for the cinematic, this MIDIssonance bundle is a great resource.


The MIDIssonance Omnisphere Bundle contains four separate soundsets: Symmetry, Movado, Kinejo, and Tajdo. There are 526 new patches and 136 new sound sources in total. Once installed, the entire bundle weighs in at 2.07 GB

These sound sets require Omnisphere 2.3.1 or later. You can not use this product without owning Omnisphere.2

Omnisphere Bundle sells for €64 from MIDIssonance

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