Review: Motion by Paris Sampling


Motion Cinematic Grooves by Paris Sampling is a great tool for laying down a solid rhythmic foundation. The Library comes with a set of dry and processed instruments, which is plenty straight out of the box to get you up and running. The photosynthesis engine also allows for further augmentation of the included sounds for an even larger palette.


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Review: Motion by Paris Sampling

Paris Sampling is the brainchild of Olajide Paris, a respected name in the sampling community, and is the byproduct of the many years of experience gained working for companies like 8Dio, Audio Imperia, and Impact Soundworks. Paris’s expertise in creating sample libraries is instantly noticeable and appreciated the second you load up your first instrument.

Motion sells for $49 from Paris Sampling


Directly after opening this library, I was a little surprised to see that it only included 3 instruments: an electric violin, an electric bass, and a contrabass. This initial surprise quickly dissipated though because each instrument comes with a dry and a processed version to give you more bang for your buck. I absolutely enjoyed going through each of the processed versions and found the wheels in my head turning with each new patch I loaded up. I almost instantly fell in love with the slap bass patch and would’ve bought this library for that one alone.

The beautiful thing about Motion is that it doesn’t try to be the star of the show when it comes to your composition. This is readily apparent in that it lacks any kind of melodic lead instrument. This product is 100% geared towards the supportive element and excels at laying complex rhythmic foundations for your tracks; as well as, throwing fuel on the fires of inspiration.

This focus on the rhythmic side is what sets this library apart from its competitors. In my experience, hybrid sample libraries tend to try and include a little bit of everything in order to appeal to a larger variety of users, so it was definitely a bold move to focus strictly on rhythm. This special focus allowed Olajide Paris to pour all of his energies into creating truly complex and high-quality rhythmic samples. Given that each of the 3 instruments are tonal in nature, they feature a major, a minor, and a power chord variant to help them better sit harmonically in your tracks.

This is effectively achieved by having a set of key switches that allow you to adjust the pitch of the instruments for each included rhythm. This feature, along with some of the effects processing, helps break up the repetitiveness of the loops and adds longevity to the library. The effects processing in this library is made simple by Mr. Paris’s choice to use the photosynthesis engine.

With this engine, it is possible to make adjustments to the Motion library using parameter pages that are divided up into 4 categories: the main engine, the effects engine, the rhythm engine, and the output engine. The main engine is where you blend your sounds and apply basic filters. Without some clever processing, this library would ultimately come up against a loop library’s greatest adversary, the human affinity for pattern recognition. I would recommend using this library with moderation, almost like a spice when cooking; Use it just enough to add flavor but not so much that it’s all you can focus on.

Overall, this is a great sounding library that is affordable, customizable and is a great tool for generating ideas. This library will definitely be an asset to anyone working with trailer music, hip-hop, industrial metal, EDM, and pop.


The library is 3.2 GB and features 1,116 samples
It has 97 Patches
It features 4 different Engines: Main, FX, Rhythm, and Output for customization.
Requires full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (Not compatible with free Kontakt Player)
Motion sells for $49 from Paris Sampling


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