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Budget-minded producers rejoice! The Modern Producers Bundle is 30 titles for $30 during the promotional period at This is collection of WAV files, midi files, synth sounds, and construction kits offers enough variety to build complete tracks, add flavor and spark inspiration. While the bundle is aimed squarely at Urban/HipHop producers, there’s a bounty of reasons to jump on this time-sensitive deal.

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Review: The Modern Producers Bundle

Modern Producers is spearheaded by Torbjørn Nakken and Adrian Boeckeler, who’s impressive client list includes 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan, Rick Ross, and even Eminem. The team has leveraged their connections to collaborate with engineers and producers for such artists as such as Timbaland, Drake, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games and many others. While all of the loops are licensed through 2 Deep Beats, it’s not clear what the relationship is between the two entities.

The Modern Producers Bundle is a collection of 30 individual titles.
The Bundle is available for a limited time for $30 (reg $855) from VstBuzz




Budget-minded producers rejoice! The Modern Producers Bundle is 30 titles for $30 during the promotional period at This is collection of wav files, midi files, synth sounds, and construction kits offers enough variety to build complete tracks, add flavor and spark inspiration.

While the bundle is aimed squarely at Urban/HipHop producers, there’s a bounty of reasons to jump on this time sensitive deal.
With 30 different titles included in this bundle, you’d spend $855 if you purchased each title at its regular retail price. There isn’t enough daylight for me to go through each and every title in intricate detail, but I’ll do my best to cover some of the important notes on this bundle and maybe uncover a few interesting side notes along the way. I previewed all the titles in the bundle and only one struck me as disappointing. Read on for details.

Let’s jump right in with Aftermath: This Hip-Hop focused title includes 5 construction kits including fully produced “demo beats” for each kit. I felt like each of the five construction kits were strong compositions and each tune sounded unique. Aftermath includes Midi and Wav files for each kit. – But a word of caution about the included fully produced demos: These “demo beats” are not licensed for you to use! For this title and 18 other titles within the bundle, you cannot use the fully produced demos into your productions. This is important to note if expedience is a primary concern in your workflow.


Oddly, the license for the remaining titles is either inapplicable, due to the nature of the content (ie: drum and hi-hat one shots) or, it contradicts this rule and provides fully mixed versions expressly for this use. These fully produced loops are a primary focus of some titles, such as Killer Samples Vol.1, Killer Samples Vol.3, Dope Samples Vol.1 and Dope Samples Vol.3 and finally, Art Of War, which clearly falls under the Ethnic header in this bundle.

The 10 included tracks in Art Of War are available as fully produced MP3s (which fade out), Wav files – which are also fully produced mixes without long fades, so they can be used expressly as loops. I see this as a huge time saver! Finally, a folder labeled “Tracklines,” includes all the separate instrument loops for you to remix to your individual tastes.

I was impressed with the sonic and melodic quality of this title and felt that even though the title is brimming with Asian flavor, there are themes which could be cast in modern Western soundtracks as well as game soundtracks, and exotic location underscores. Tracks within other titles within this bundle also share strong Asian influences such as the kit, KOTO from the title M3TRO and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT from Dope Samples Vol.1.

The 10 tracks included in Dope Samples Vol.1 follow the same example as the previously mentioned, “Art of War.” Again, you’ll find 10 completely produced MP3s (with fades for endings,) 10 fully produced wav files that can be easily looped. And finally, there are the 10 folders of individual instruments, again called Tracklines. The musical styles in Dope Samples Vol.1 (and Dope Samples Vol.3,) do vary but could all be considered “cinematic.” The versatile themes could be as much at home in a dramatic film production and could even be used as adventure, travel and even comedic cues.

It’s a nice option to have use of both fully produced mixes and individual loops, as it affords the most flexibility in creativity while speeding up production time, when crushing deadlines loom. These can also be used as reference tracks when building songs.

SEE Video Example 1: Dope Samples Vol.1 Wav File in the video at top of the page

As I explored the titles, some patterns began to emerge: Most of the title’s wav files are encoded at 24 bit, 44.1k quality and a majority of the kits offer 5 construction kits each. Five titles offer 10 construction kits each and fully mixed loops, an added bonus, in my opinion. A few exceptions to this rule are the Product Of My Environment Vol.1 and Product Of My Environment Vol.2 libraries, which are purely drum one shots, aimed at those who prefer to build their own drum loops or use trigger pads and keyboards to program and play beats, as opposed to using traditional pre-made loops.

SEE Video Example 2: Spacesuit Demo from City Lights  in the video at top of the page

Psychotic Drummer actually raises the audio quality bar with files clocking in at 32 bit, 44.1k quality, while the loops contained in Sauce God jump up to 32bit, 96k! And while all of these are perfectly acceptable formats by today’s quality standards, not every DAW recognizes the higher sample rates properly which can wreak havoc on your preview and selection process.
The primary determining factor in realizing great value from this bundle deal is if YOU can actually use these loops and kits in your productions and this brief review will only provide a glimpse into what this full bundle encompasses. The folks at and Modern Producers have kindly provided links for each individual title, so you can explore each one to see if it meets your needs.
There, you’ll find individual demos for each title and other details that might help you determine if this is money well spent.

SEE Video Examples 3: Sauce God Pop Song Demo in the video at top of the page

Only one title, Sylenth Assassin was disappointing for me. The title only contains 2 construction kits and a small library of Sylenth synth soundbanks. According to the Modern Producer’s website these soundbanks work in all DAWs but after exploring this title, I found zero documentation explaining how to do that. From all I could find, Sylenth must be installed to take advantage of these files. Sylenth is a separate software-synth program that you must already own (or purchase) to use these sounds and I found this frustrating to have to investigate. There should be some concise documentation. Because I don’t own Sylenth, this completely negates the claim of “synth soundbanks” for this bundle. Your mileage may vary.

SEE Video Example 4: Loyalty Demo in the video at top of the page

This video provides a look at one of the construction kits from the title, Loyalty. The kit is called ALL RIGHT and is programmed at 118 bpm. You can see the kit includes a large number of loops that you can rearrange to fit your needs and liking. I’ve color coded the loops in some videos to make them a little more obvious. This kit is fairly typical of each kit in this bundle in terms of instrumentation, separation, variety and compositional quality. Midi files are included for most titles, allowing you to use your own synths and completely alter the sound, style and vibe for each kit. However, not all kits are consistent. When I imported one midi loop file into logic from the same Loyalty kit, titled “All Right,” you can see the import brings in 17 instances of midi tracks – but only one contains midi information. This will take some clean up if you plan to import all 6 midi loops for this kit. For the City Lights demo, I had to copy and past most loops because the files would not loop properly.

In summary, the Modern Producer’s Bundle is a sure fire way to expand your Urban palette on a budget. The kits are solid and aside from an assumption made that everyone has Sylenth installed, you certainly won’t regret or go broke investing in this bundle. No “key” information is provided for the construction kits but that’s a minor issue (see what I did there?) when weighing the total value of this bundle.


File sizes for each title can vary greatly but each title can be downloaded separately. Some titles are under 100 MB, while most average 500 MB. However, the total for all kits combined in compressed (zipped) files for this bundle is 9.97 GB. Unzipped, the total file size for all 30 titles combined, occupies 16.45 GB of hard drive space.

The Bundle is available for a limited time for $30 (reg $855) from VstBuzz



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