Review Metropolis Ark 1 from Orchestral Tools


“Orchestral Tools has raised the bar with Metropolis Ark 1 and created a fantastic sounding ensemble library with everything you need to create epic music.”


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Metropolis Ark 1 from Orchestral Tools



I am a big fan of Ensemble libraries. They are great to sketch with and once in a while you get a really good library you can leave in without having to orchestrate out all of your parts with solo players. With Metropolis Ark 1 Orchestral Tools has raised the bar on what we will expect from ensemble libraries.

Metro Ark 1 has the same beautiful recording quality and playback we have come to expect from Orchestral Tools. The developer set out to create a library focused on “Epic”, “Monumentally Loud” music and they succeeded with flying colors.

If you are not familiar with it already, you will need to spend a little time to learn all the advantages of CAPSULE and how to utilize it. So there is a little learning curve. Price wise Metropolis Ark 1 is just a touch above what some of the other large “Ensemble” libraries are going for but this may just be the only one you will need if your focus is epic music.

I am a fan of the Orchestral Tool’s sound. The quality of the Metro Ark samples sound live and real to me. They are huge sections that come across as huge with out a “hyped” quality to them – more nature sounding then some of the “epic” orchestra libraries I have encountered. With Metro Ark 1 the true legatos sound great and the bass trombones have that wonderful staccato splat that you really need to get to drive dramatic action scores.

Metrpolis Ark 1 sells for €549 from Orchestral Tools

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