Sample Spotlight’s Review of MEMORIES By SampleTraxx


In Christopher Harris’s review of MEMORIES, he trumpets the talent of the developer with this library with a “focus on the Sci-Fi”.

“I’m always in the need of easy to use tools that get me quick results that sound great out of the box. MEMORIES is a great example as it contains an amazing pool of samples that are controlled by a very easy to use, yet powerful, interface engine.”

“For the price, there is a lot of good content and diverse for a lot of sound design needs”
– Sample Spotlight



Memories sells for €39 from Sampletraxx

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Memories Sampletraxx- main interface

Memories Sampletraxx– main interface




Memories delivered in Kontakt with 96/24 WAV files



Kontakt Preset Categories: hit – distortion, metal – designed textures, metal scraps, motion
musical distortion, sequence – glitch – noise, simple design, textures tonal design & woosh – reverse.

Library downloads as 2.2 Gb and contains 280+ samples (WAVs at 96k/24b) with Metadata

Memories requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5+ (Kontakt player not supported)

Memories sells for €39 from Sampletraxx

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