Review: Lyrical Cello Phrases by Sonuscore


Lyrical Cello Phrases has a very nice selection of emotional themes and comes with a useful legato instrument. What the instrument lacks in functionality, Sonuscore makes up for delivering impassioned performances that will appeal to, and inspire a wide range of music makers.

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Review: Lyrical Cello Phrases by Sonuscore

Most of us are very familiar with Sonoscore’s previous and useful libraries like Action Strike, Action Strings, Emotional Strings and the Trinity Drums (which SLR contributor Brian Brylow recently reviewed).

I was thrilled to get a pre-release copy of the library once I heard about what Sonuscore was working on – a phrase library with a companion legato patch – and check it out for a review.

Lyrical Cello Phrases normally sells for €69 from Sonuscore



The library downloaded very quickly weighing in at just under 3GB compressed. After I extracted the files and fired up Kontakt to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised by both the recording quality and emotion that comes through with playback of the phrases.

The library comes with 2 Kontakt presets. the first is the phrase instrument which allows users to load up one of the 12 “themes”. Each of the “themes” contains 5 phrases and has color coded key-switches for playback of full phrases, beginning, middle and end of phrase. In addition, the green key-switch triggers playback of shorter ending phrases which will quickly return you to the root and wrap up the phrase.

The phrases were all performed by cellist Mátyás Ölveti who is best known for his performances for “The Elder Scrolls Online” soundtrack. The phrases were improvised and are consistent in quality and emotion.


Flipping through the phrases they stick to the “emotional” & “impassioned” which will appeal to and inspire a wide range of music makers.

The functionality requires the user to mouse click on the interface to change themes and load the desired phrases. This is where my first point of critic popped up, as I would have liked to have been able to load/change themes on the fly with key-switches. This would give me the ability to hop from the intro phrase of one theme to the outro of another. The work-around for my desired workflow here is obviously to load multiple instances of the instrument but that has me jumping midi channels to achieve my desired result.

The center of the phrase instrument interface contains a “speed” dial. This changes the playback speed of the triggered phrase. This is a nice bit of functionality to have, but I would have liked to have had the phrases tempo-locked to my DAW with indicated recording BPM – that just suits my personal workflow.


Both the Lyrical Cello Phrases & Lyrical Cello Legato instruments come with an FX panel which includes EQ, Delay & Reverb. I found the Large Hall reverb to be nice, but for my workflow I tend to use premium reverb plugins for sound quality as well to “bus” all my instruments in the same virtual hall.


The Lyrical Cello Legato instrument has a very nice timbre. It is crisp and full bodied. Playback is smooth and you have 2 choices of a “long legato” or “short legato” articulation which trigger different note lengths. The obvious limitations that come from playback is the vibrato is very passionate and there is no control over vibrato as it is “baked in”. The second limitation of the instrument here is that there are no other articulations – no staccato, pizzicato, marcato – and that can be very limiting in achieve a truly real performance.

If I think about this library as a Phrase library with an added Legato instrument with the same timbre I instantly see the benefits.

This will allow users to create lead lines/additional legato phrases that augment leading into or out of the phrases in their music, making the library even more useful. I really love the addition of the legato instrument and hope more developers will follow Sonuscore‘s lead.




Lyrical Cello Phrases requires the FULL VERSION of Native InstrumentsKONTAKT Version 5.6.0 or higher and downloads as 3.05GB.

The library contains over 70 combinable phrases divided into the 10+ themes and “2 Bonus Themes”.
In addition to the Phrase NKI the library also comes with a Legato Kontakt Instrument.

Lyrical Cello Phrases normally sells for €69 from Sonuscore


Demos of Lyrical Cello Phrases

Phrase Examples of Lyrical Cello Phrases

 Videos of Lyrical Cello Phrases