Review: Klusterkitt Konstruktor by Pornofonic


The combination of acoustic and synthetic samples for the drum banks give Konstruktor its unique character with the use of the convolution impulses. These effects really shape the drum hits into these very esoteric, otherworldly drum sounds and when combined in interesting ways can help you sculpt an interesting kit. Plus, by driving the Sends with the convolution, Saturation, Delays, and Reverbs, you really get these unique heavy processed drum sounds.

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Review: Klusterkitt Konstruktor by Pornofonic

Klusterkitt Konstruktor is hybrid drumkit that uses acoustic samples combined with synthetic elements to build a unique drumkit. Together with the effects and convolution impulses you can create colorful drum sounds that border the line of atmospheric and synthetic. The drums banks have also been heavily processed with the effects, so if you’re looking for an industrial type drum sound, then this is the library for you.

Klusterkitt Konstruktor sells for $79 from Pornofonic



First off if you’re looking for a drum sampler library that is heavily processed with effects, that will fit into music styles that require industrial, saturated drums, then this is the drum sampler for you. Let’s run through what’s included in this instrument and what it can do.

Starting at the top of each drum channel you can select the drum sample for the channel. There is quite a selection of sounds here and these are broken up into Synthetic sounds and then below this the Acoustic sounds.

With the instrument section bellow this you can fine tune the sample start point, volume, decay width and panning position

To shape the sound you have a filter where you can choose either a Low-Pass, Band-Pass or High-Pass and with respective Cutoff and Resonance dials.

Under this you have the FX Sends section. You can set the delay and Reverb send amounts. But, even better there is also a Send amount to choose how much of the Convolution Impulse you want to apply. Plus, a saturation knob for this impulse. By driving the Convolution and Saturation dials right up you can really get some crazy processed drum sounds so you can really carve out this drum sound with these effect sends.

Then you can jump across to the Effects Page and it looks pretty similar to the instrument page. You have your 7 channels. But instead of the instruments, you will find the Effects sends sections: Convolution, Delay, and Reverb. My only problem is that the pages may be too similar. At times I kept forgetting which page I was in, was it he Instrument or Effects page? I know it’s quite simple, but maybe if one  looked slightly different than the other, it would’ve avoided this confusion. Perhaps this won’t be an issue for everyone.

Let’s go over the Delay and Reverb first. With the delay you can choose your interval timing and then set the feedback, damp, pan, and Dry and wet controls for the delay

On the Reverb you can choose a Reverb type, and then set the pre-delay, Dry and Wet controls.

Now, jumping back to the Convolution section this is pretty interesting. You normally think of convolution impulses to be associated with reverbs but this one has some really unique impulses. If you take a look at the names you have: Drumrust, Boomscope, Echoglitz, etc. So you really have some interesting sounding impulse names and even their sounds are quite different. By adding these impulses to your drums, it imparts a sometimes other-worldly sound onto them. Giving them a unique character and tonal quality.

The last control at the bottom of each channel is a Humanize control. This adds a bit of randomness to the parameters dials. Adding slight imperfections to the set values for these dials.

What would have been really nice would have been to see a step/gate sequencer included on the instrument to create your own drum patterns. Maybe in a future update….


This is a 450 MB size library Kontakt sampled drumkit instrument. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or later.

The instrument contains 108 constructed kits, and uses over 300 impulses to texture the drumkit samples. It consists of 7 drum channels where you can choose through the drum banks. Plus, it includes a Filter and Effects section to further process the drum sounds.

Klusterkitt Konstruktor sells for $79 from Pornofonic


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