Review: Indian Folk Loops by Big Fish Audio


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Review: Indian Folk Loops by Big Fish Audio

Composing authentically for world instrument is a task that most composers, not natively familiar with the unique styles of that music struggle with. Many companies strive to deep sample these instruments and allow the composers to write what they like with the samples. Big Fish Audio took a different approach, creating a large collection of loopable phrases that a composer can needle drop into their tracks. Though this method offers little flexibility to the composer, what it does give, is an instant and authentic sound that can imbue a track with realism. Indian Folk Loops includes a collection of over 900 unmapped wav files recorded at various speeds and in several keys.

Indian Folk Loops sells for $69.95 from Big Fish Audio



It’s always exciting to dig into a new world music library. These instruments can be hard to find and those who play them well can be even harder to find. Existing samples on the market vary wildly in quality and realism. In addition, the deeper one delves in any particular culture’s music, one finds that the collection and list of instruments can get extremely vast and specific. As a result, having more world instrument samples can never be a bad thing.

Indian Folk Loops by Big Fish Audio attempts to fill some gaps in a composer’s arsenal by providing them with over 900 WAV files featuring authentically performed Indian folk phrases. We are given a small Bollywood string ensemble, a solo folk violin, an electric benjo, and a Shenhai which is a type of woodwind. Each one comes with many phrases which were recorded at several tempi as well as in various keys. None of these phrases are mapped to Kontakt. For content like this, Kontakt‘s beat machine would have been extremely useful allowing a user to play phrases that were recorded in one tempo, in a different tempo. As well, if the content had been mapped, they phrases could have been played back in different keys. Of course, the user can do these things on their end, either by mapping and programming a Kontakt instrument of their own or by simply time stretching and pitch shifting, but the fact that this wasn’t done for you at a library costing 70 dollars feels like a bit of a slap in the face. This kind of lack of preparation screams of a sort of laziness on the part of Big Fish Audio.

To add to this perception, none of the files are recorded or edited very well. Most are littered with some kind of unwanted noise, and some are clipped too early causing a natural reverb tail to be cut off. Many of the solo recordings having been doubled. This can be a great technique if the doublings are tight and in sync. In this library, they are not causing any file that has been doubled to be basically unusable as it sounds so sloppy. The Benjo was recorded with a delay printed in the audio file. This doesn’t sound bad but this is something the user could have done on their end. Now that it’s printed in the file, the user only has access to versions of the performances featuring a bouncy and not always desirable delay. This is an example in which they actively made their content worse by not allowing the user the freedom to process the sounds as they wished.

Overall this library is a colossal disappointment and 70 dollars seems an outrageous price for a library that was so obviously made with such little care or attention to detail.



Weighing in at a little under 3 gigs, Indian Folk Loops by Big Fish Audio is a collection of unmapped WAV files. As they are unmapped, the library does not require Kontakt of any kind. The WAV files are to be dropped directly into the user’s DAW. The library boasts a large collection of authentic sounding Indian folk loops including a Bollywood Violin ensemble, Folk Violin, Benjo, and Shehnai totally 971 WAV files.

Indian Folk Loops sells for $69.95 from Big Fish Audio


Demos of Indian Folk Loops by Big Fish Audio

Indian Folk DEMO 1 – Bollywood Violins

Indian Folk DEMO 2 – Folk Violin

Indian Folk DEMO 3 – Benjo

Indian Folk DEMO 4 – Shehnai