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The Facts

Hypernova by CL-Projects is a Polyphonic Synthesiser based on a well known polyphonic synthesizer from the late 90’s. It is capable of emulating Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and ARP 2600 sounds easily and comes with  360 patches, 236 instruments (nki) and 124 multis (nkm).

The library downloads as 970 MB and all samples used for the instruments are 24bit /44.1k.
Each of the kontakt patches uses 36 samples per instrument with 3 oscillators. There are 5 different filters including 4 ladder filters and a Pro53 filter

Hypernova syncs to your DAW host tempo contains a load of effects including Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, 3-Band EQ as well as a power arpeggiator with LFO/modulation parameters. Hypernova contains both velocity and aftertouch response.

Hypernova is compatible with the  full version of Kontakt 5.3or higher.

Sound Categories

Hypernova  comes with the instruments divided into 8 folders for separate sound categories including: Ambient & FX, Arpeggios, Bass, Brass, Drums, Keys, Leads, Pads & Strings

The Controls Page

Hypernova CL-Projects

Hypernova CL-Projects

Hypernova Control Page contains the parameters to change the synthesizer. It is made up of a 3 oscillator based synth architecture. All the parameters on the controls page are available for the 3 different oscillators. You can select from the 4 different wave forms.: square, saw, noise and special. The Hypernova Control Page also has a “special waveform” giving you a choice  is a choice between 50 different waveforms, selected by the menu.

The interface also gives you controls for poly, solo, legato and offset settings as well as Portamento and Unisono parameters.

The filter section on the Control Page gives you 5 different filters to choose from each filter has its own frequency and resonance setting,

The Effects Page

Hypernova CL-Projects Effects Page

Hypernova CL-Projects Effects Page

The effects page contains 7 different effects. A convolution reverb with a choice between 7 different Impulse response spaces including chamber, room, hall, church, plate, spring and gate. Other effects are delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion and a 3-band equalizer, each with their own effect presets.

The ARP & MODS Page

Hypernova CL-Projects Arp Page

Hypernova CL-Projects Arp Page

The ARP & MODS Page gives you a 64 step arpeggiator which also includes a random button. Beneath the arpeggiator you have a set of ocillators that will let you adjust pitch bend, pitch LFO as well as the level LFO. Each of these has sensitivity settings for both the modwheel and for pressure settings for the three oscillators.

Hypernova is available from CL-Projects for £30.00

Official Demos of Hypernova by CL-Projects

Official Videos of Hypernova by CL-Projects