Review: Hyperion Strings Solo Violins by Soundiron


An absolute marvel! Who needs an orchestra when you have Hyperion Strings Solo Violins!

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Review: Hyperion Strings Solo Violins by Soundiron

Soundiron’s Hyperion line continues to impress with the addition of solo violins. Don’t let the solo part fool you. This library is loaded!

Hyperion Strings Solo Violins normally sells for $99 from Soundiron


Soundiron products have been a staple in my writing template for years. Their libraries have never disappointed and Hyperion Strings Solo Violins is no exception! This library has everything a composer could want with a mind-boggling 50 articulations, 4 true legato articulations, and 26 pre-recorded violin phrase banks.

Articulation choices


This library will satisfy your palette whether you’re a seasoned veteran or beginner. I’ll address this library in two parts. The brilliant sampling, the functionality, and finally some areas for improvement.

The Play Assist mode features the sound of every instrument patch and is brimming with character and life. The horsehair brushes, room noise, bow strokes, and body of the violin gives you an authentic replication right out of the box.

Composers looking to add even more realism can adjust the body control to draw more physical noise from the actual violin. The more body, the more noise from the violin chamber.

The less body, the more dry and direct the microphone signal. This is a huge plus for those looking to establish intimate and piercing melodics, leads, and underscore.  The legato functionality is the bright spot of the solo violins, as there are very few libraries that contain 4 articulations in addition to enhanced duet capability, legato response, and velocity control.

Heavy hands need not worry, each patch comes with individual volume control, assignable key switch, and velocity-sensitive round robins for the short articulations. This means you can have a pianissimo-sounding Spiccato followed by a forte based on how fast and hard you hit the keys. This means Soundiron took the time to sample in extraordinary detail the play, sound, and character of the instrument.


FX page preset drop down

The functionality of the instrument is easy and efficient with in-depth signal control. The string play is quick, realistic, and authentic. There are no phasing issues during chordal or solo play and the scripting is deep and concise.

Space page preset drop down

What really makes the play of this instrument stand out is the onboard post-processing capabilities. If you don’t know what sound you want? No, problem! Soundiron has loaded solo violins with a ton of presets blending filters, eq’s, spaces, algorithmic and convolution reverbs along with a compressor. You’ll have no problem dialing in that unique sound you’re looking for.

Hyperion also comes with spatial stage control for precise instrument placement and sonic taste. The play assist feature is a handy tool for those not trained in music theory or chord building. It’s an excellent addition to expedite the writing process and learn musical scales.

Arpeggio page trill, arp and runs

The arpeggio function allows for runs, trills, and standard arpeggios which is a huge plus for those who do not like drawing these into the piano roll. The arpeggio contains standard rhythms, swing, and a humanize control to add realism to your play.

This library is an absolute marvel and does not have a whole lot of areas to improve on, however here are a few. I would have liked to have seen an audition feature to help expedite the articulation choices as there are 50 to choose from!

A key-switch value control would help out those not writing on an 88 key midi-controller. Lastly, a huge part of the composing process is resolving tonality, whether it’s sampled volume or digital envelopes. I would have liked to see the master swell resolve to silence for that added realism. Hopefully, an update could address some of these small things and make it even that much more impressive.


6 master presets: 1st Violin Master, Phrases, and Legato; 2nd Violin Master, Phrases, and Legato
Sustains, Staccatos, True Legato, Sordino, Phrases, Dynamic Expressions
9,538 Stereo Samples
6.9 GB Installed (9 GB wav)
24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format.
1,900 expressive phrases in a variety of keys and styles
Special articulations: Harmonics, Ponticello, Flautando, Detache, Colle, Bartok Pizzicato, Col Legno, Sordino, and more
A full suite of Expressions in a variety of lengths, timings, and dynamics, including crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos, and swells, with time-stretching, tempo-synching, and automatic release.
Flexible and intuitive user interface with pro features, deep customizability, and simple workflow.
Free soundstage positioning for each violin within dozens of custom rooms, halls, chambers, and FX environments.
Adaptive Play Assist and Arpeggio systems for instant inspiration.
Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 6.2.2+), Komplete Kontrol, all S-Series Keyboards and NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments
Works with the Kontakt “Libraries” browser and Native Access.

Hyperion Strings Solo Violins normally sells for $99 from Soundiron


Demos of Hyperion Strings Solo Violins by Soundiron

Videos of Hyperion Strings Solo Violins by Soundiron


Contributor Nick Rivera reviews Hyperion Strings Solo Violins by Soundiron
“Who needs an orchestra when you have Hyperion Strings Solo Violins!”