Review: Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy by 8Dio


Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy is a treasure trove of dark sounds that is a composer’s dream (or is that nightmare?) come true.

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Review: Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy by 8Dio

Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy by 8Dio is rich, warm, dark and deep. The pads and synths are lush and brooding, and the sub-booms sound cavernous, as if they are coming from deep within the heart of the earth itself. This rich collection of dark sounds is greatly enhanced by 8Dio’s powerful Hybrid Tools engine, allowing you to tweak, pulse, reverse, and randomize to your heart’s content. This is among the largest collection of dark and tenebrous sounds I have found, and I love it!

Dark Prophecy Browser


Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy sells for $198.00 from 8Dio


Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy is dark. Very dark. However, this library is far from a one-trick pony. After diving into Dark Prophecy, I can think of a number of uses for these sounds, and I expect to see them popping up in my own work soon.

Along with 20 presets, Dark Prophecy comes with 3 main articulations: Divination, Soothsayer, and Synth. Divination presents 8 different presets, with names like “Visions”, “Inside the Cell”, and “Haunted.” Those familiar with 8Dio’s Hybrid Tools engine will recognize these 8 presets as merely the beginning though, as each preset includes anywhere from 25-35 different sounds each.

Soothsayer continues with more soundscapes, but with a special focus on risers, stingers, and impacts. Soothsayer includes 13 different presets with 25-61 different sounds each. Names like “Impacts”, “Stingers”, and “Darker Tones” tell you what you can expect here. As you might expect, Synth takes a turn toward playable synth instruments while maintaining the theme of dark and rich timbres. Synth differs in offering playable versions of each instrument by default, so each key represents a different tone from the same preset instead of a different sound altogether.

The 22 presets, with names like “Venomous”, “Malicious”, and “Detestation”, offer a great collection of dark analog synths that fit into the library perfectly. Many users will want to take advantage of Kontakt’s purge feature when working within Dark Prophecy, as some of these patches can use almost 3GB of RAM. However, that is easy to do and should be expected when so many presets and sounds are included within a single articulation.

Dark Prophecy Controls

As I have said before, every great library must stand on two legs: great sounds and a great interface. Thankfully, the developers at 8Dio have come through on both fronts here. As you may already know from previous Hybrid Tools libraries, the New Hybrid Tools engine is powerful, flexible, and user-friendly. It’s one of the best interfaces I have worked with in recent memory, as it is just so easy to use and very customizable.

The sharp 3D browser is clean and straightforward and places a wealth of sound design possibilities at your fingertips. Some of my favorite features are the Chaos button (allowing you to randomize any of the presets automatically), the Stack button (allowing you to layer or stack multiple presets together), the built-in Gate (with controls for length and rate), and the Stretch feature. The Stretch feature is especially handy when working with the Divination and Soothsayer articulations.

As in other Hybrid Tools libraries, each sound within the presets presented in these articulations is relegated to a single note, with keyswitches offered for changing the tone/key of each sound. This is great for giving you a lot of different sounds within a single patch but can feel limiting when you want to play a melody, chord, or anything that requires more than a single note. The Stretch feature removes this single note limitation by actually stretching the sound over several octaves, allowing you to play intervals, chords, etc. This is even more powerful when coupled with the Stack feature, as it allows you to play melodies, intervals, and chords within your own customized sound. This is a fantastic feature and something I wish more developers who are focused on sound design would learn from.

Dark Prophecy Effects


The Hybrid Tools engine also includes knobs for Attack, Release, Speed, Pitch Env, Glide, and Sample Offset. In addition to the great mini-browser within the engine, 8Dio has included their standard effects rack to allow you even more control over the shape of the sound. One of the things I love about 8Dio’s effects offering within the Hybrid Tools engine is that you can independently randomize each effect with a simple click of the effects chaos button. This, combined with the Stack and Chaos buttons from the browser interface, allows you to create new sounds quickly and easily. The Hybrid Tools interface is where 8Dio’s years of sample library experience really shows. You can tell that this engine and interface have been through years of testing, learning, trial and error.

In my opinion, Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy is outstanding. The many sounds offered within are impeccable. I can’t think of a better collection of dark and ominous sounds than what is found within Dark Prophecy.


Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy is a 17GB library for the full version of Kontakt 5.7 or above.

Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy sells for $198.00 from 8Dio


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