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Review Hybrid Injection from SampleCraft

The Facts

Hybrid Injection is a modern scoring and sound design tool and flagship instrument created by SampleCraft. It requires the full updated version of Kontakt 5 ( or above.

It contains over 150 .nki kontakt instruments at approximately 1.83GB installed and is made up of tempo synced arp t onal, rhythmic instruments as well as booms, impacts, lifts, drops, swooshes, fx and a dedicated instrument of dub-step growls and glitches.

There are also a selection of synth, bass and pad instruments as well as a set of percussion kits.

The instrument has a 32 Step Sequencer with included effects for reverb, delay, filter, and amp controls.

The samples are saved in an open wave file format of 24bit Acidized Wavs which alow you to “drag and drop” the samples right into your DAW.


Joe Pignato, owner of SampleCraft, set out to create a useful and affordable hybrid instrument for composers. With Hybrid Injection he has succeeded and then some. Hybrid Injections samples and playability stand up to some of the top hybrid instruments on the market.

Hybrid Injection is one of those rare kontakt instruments where the developer created something very modern, powerful and exciting and then put it out ine world at a very low price point.

I usually record the videos of me playing through about half of the instrument presets before I do the reviews and but what I found with Hybrid Injection is that I didn’t want to skip a preset because I was afraid I might miss something really cool.

Almost every preset is a winner in my book. The samples are full, bright and punchy. In my opinion this is a steal at only £19.00 (BP).

I’ll be keeping an eye on Joe and SampleCraft in anticipation of their next instrument release.


Official Hybrid Injection Demos

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