Review HUMDRUM from Modwheel



Review Humdrum

from Modwheel

The Facts

Humdrum is a set of Calfskin Drum instruments for use with the full version of Kontatk (5.3 or higher)
It includes:Bass Drums, Snares & Toms (large, medium, small), Rim shots and Thrumbs patches. Each instrument has up to 9 round robins and 6 velocity layers and was captured at 24bit 96kHz.

Humdrum contains 4GB’s (2.1GB via lossless compression) for a total of 3200 samples.


The Sounds

Humdrum has a great sound to it. The calfskin drums have a lot of character and the samples are full of life with all the sound of the drum body as well as the air in the room. The instruments include separate reverb controls for the close and far mics that sound really good.

The Thrums patch sounds great and the “Stutter” key on Thrumb patch is a very cool unexpected bonus.


Layout & GUI

The front panel is easy to navigate although I would have liked to been able to click&drag the close to far mike position just like I interact with the rest of the interface.

I am a big fan of the Left/Right stick & mallets layouts on the keyboard as it makes the instruments very easy to play and Modwheel has programmed the instruments that way.

The info panel is a quick way of seeing where samples are for playback, but I prefer to have some color on my kontakt keyboard to help divide sections up and make the instrument even easier to navigate.

The Drum Kit patch is not in a traditional style layout on keyboard so it is difficult for me to just play it like I do my other kits.

Wrap Up

The great sounding samples trump all the little things on my “wish list” for HUMDRUM. The calfskin drums are unique. The samples have been recorded meticulously and playback is full of life and excitement. You can hear the tones of the wood body and the attack of the calf skin heads resonate through the drums and in the room. When playing back HUMDRUM it sounds like you right there in the studio standing next to the kit!

For only $55.00 (USD) this is a great addition to your percussion arsenal that will mix nicely and add more “life” to you music.