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Home Piano is available from Logan Stahley for $39


This is real gem. I like the dark natural tone of this instrument and think I will probably be using it on a project in the near future. The slight out-of-tune-ness really adds to the character and the soft sample layers are a pleasure to play.

The Home Piano was sampled from a 1925 Cable-Nelson upright piano and has just enough velocity layers to get an expressive yet subtle performance out of it. The instrument contains two mic positions: Close & Far as well as key releases, pedal noise and a stereo spread control.

With just over 700 samples weighing in at 1GB, Home Piano requires the full version of Kontakt 5.4+

My only real complaint is that the noise on the room samples is a little too much. Not sure if this is the limiter in kontakt compressing the crap out of them (does anyone know how to turn that off?) or if it is just the nature of the raw samples. Either way only so much room mic can be added into the sound before I got more noise build up than I would want to use.

Home Piano is available from Logan Stahley for $39


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