Review: GSi VB3 II by Genuine Soundware and Instruments


Genuine Soundware have absolutely changed the game here. VB3 II is a shockingly realistic simulation of a Hammond B3 Organ!

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Review: GSi VB3 II by Genuine Soundware and Instruments

Though we all seem to have dozens of pianos and other keyboard instruments in our sample collections, something that has always been conspicuously missing are realistic jazz organs. This is not to say that there aren’t good organs on the market. The problem is that they seem to be tailored more towards church pipe organs. Jazz organs that are found tend to be a one size fits all general sound that vaguely mimics a popular organ. Genuine Soundware have absolutely changed the game here with their release of the VB3 II. A shockingly realistic simulation of a vintage Hammond B3 organ can now be found inside your own computer!

GSi VB3 II sells for €122 from Genuine Soundware and Instruments


When I first loaded this up, my initial reaction was slight frustration because the instrument was not designed for Kontakt. As many of us are keenly aware, when companies attempt to create their own engines and stay away from using the more standard tools, it doesn’t always go well. This was not the case at all when it came to the VB3 II by Genuine Soundware as they have done an outstanding job, not only on their audio engine but on the sound, realism, and playability of this truly outstanding instrument.


The initialized patch was instantly a pleasure to play as for the first time, in the world of simulated instruments, I felt I was truly hearing the sound of a real vintage Hammond B3 organ. Though most of us don’t have the opportunity to play a real Hammond very often, if at all, I was fortunate enough to be able to play one at NAMM this year so the authentic sound was fresh in my mind. Genuine Soundware absolutely nailed it.

As I mentioned before, the problem with a lot of organs is that they tend to be a one size fits all solution. When you buy the product you will receive one organ sound. It may be the sound you’re after at that particular time or it may not be. In all the instances when it’s not right, you’re simply up a creek without a paddle as sound shaping options are limited. With the VB3 II, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The controllable draw bars allow users to quickly dial in any sound they may desire and any sound that may be suitable for the time being. If one were to ask what this instrument sounded like, the only answer to give would be that it quite honestly sounded like a Hammond B3 organ. You couldn’t be more specific than that tonally because the tone has the ability to be changed so drastically.

It’s worth noting that though Genuine Soundware has a previous product the VB3 I, this is not simply an upgrade for it. This instrument has been built with care from the ground up so users need not worry they are simply paying extra money for slight tweaks on an existing instrument.

Normally I’m not a fan of heavily skeuomorphic interfaces as I find they can quickly cross the line from neat to tacky. This is not the case in this instrument. The interface brought a smile to my face; it really does look like a Hammond B3! When dialing in sounds on it, one would not want the UI to be laid out in any other way than it is.


If tinkering with sound customization isn’t for you, if you simply want some inspiration from premade sounds, then Genuine Soundware has you covered as the instrument comes with a huge collection of awesome sounding presets that can serve either as starting points for your own sounds or as wonderful sounds as they are!


If however you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to desire to tinker, the instrument allows for an even deeper dive into the sound. Clicking the Organ button on the top opens up a new series of menu options and parameters which can be changed. These include changing things like the mic position and angle, all the way to changing the EQ values of the preamp.

Though this isn’t directly the product in question, it’s worth mentioning that Genuine Soundware offers everything you need to get set up with a dedicated drawbar controller perfect for adding extra feel and realism into your workflow with this organ.


Whether you’re a fan of synths and want an organ tone that you can customize to your heart’s content, or you’re getting ready for your next live organ gig and simply want to bring a midi controller and a laptop with you, this organ is the perfect product for you. The instrument offers a highly realistic and playable sound that can be customized any which way making this one of the most versatile and realistic organs on the market today.


The VB3 II from Genuine Soundware is a simulation of a vintage Hammond B3 organ. Though this is a sequel release from their initial VB3, it is not an upgrade. It is a totally new instrument built from the ground up. The instrument does not require Kontakt as it runs in its own engine. The instrument features controllable drawbars which can be moved to shape the sound. Factory presets are included as well as the ability for user created sounds to be saved.

GS VB3 II sells for €122 from Genuine Soundware and Instruments


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