Review GAS by Audio Warp


GAS (Guitar Analogue Synthesis) sounds great and you can tell Audio Warp took time to craft some great sound sets from Guitars sources by running them through loads of analog gear.


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Review GAS by Audio Warp

GAS sells for £45.00 (USD) from  Audio Warp’s KontaktHub store


Audio Warp made a splash with their first instruments the BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) Volume 1,2,3 which were synth sample packs inspired by the sounds from duo Boards of Canada. So I was intrested to see what they were up to with thier new instrument GAS, a hybrid synthesiser fusing using electric guitars run through analog modular effects for it’s sample base.
The highlight of the instrument for me was hearing the electric guitar based sample sets which have been manipulated through  tape machines, analouge effects and a wide range of effects pedals. At times I was amazed that the samples even originated from guitars as the sounds range from lofi pads to synth sounds.
In the manual it instructs that when you first unzip the instrument you need to move a set of “snapshots” into your systems OS kontakt folder. If you don’t you won’t get access to the presets. I unfoortuanatly haven’t had to do this before and hadn’t read the manual as I was eager to just check out the instrument.So I spent a little time trying to figure out why I didn’t have access to the presets – which is always my starting point for checking out a new instrument. With GAS, it is best to read through the manual before youget started.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.03.20 AM
The GAS engine allows you to load 2 wave forms into the instrument and then use all the envelopes, effects, filters and a sequencer to manipulate the sounds. I would have like to have seen a more intutive interface as I had to reference the manual a few times just to figure out what to click to access different effects and maniipulate the sound and I felt the same way about the sequence area.

The first page of the instrument gives you sample envelope controls, filters and access to load the 2 WAV forms you morph together. It also contains the sequencer which gives you 32 steps for pattern creation with controls over pitch and velocity. With the sequencer you have inbuilt pattern browser to load and save sequences.

The second page of the instrument contains effects including distortion, delay, roter, phaser, flanger a tremlo and a reverb. All of the controls can be right-click’d to assign MIDI CC.
 If you already own a dozen 20+GB hybrid libraries like I do it might be had to justify picking up GAS but the stand out for me are the base samples. Audio Warp took time to craft some great sound sets from Guitars sources by running them through loads of analog gear to get a really wide range of sounds and that is the strength of this instrument.


GAS comes with 65 Raw Analog Patches weighing in at 2.1GB of compressed .ncw format samples. The library comes with 104 Snapshot Presets & 24 Sequencer Presets and does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5.1

GAS has been designed with Komplete and Maschine Integration.

GAS sells for £45.00 (USD) from  Audio Warp’s KontaktHub store

Official Demos of GAS

Official Videos of GAS