Review The Forge from Epic SoundLab


Epic SoundLab’s hybrid library The Forge is a flexible set of samples with a slant toward the hybrid trailer sound. The 200 presets, arp and sequence capabilities give you a pretty big bang for your buck.

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Review The Forge from Epic SoundLab

The Forge sells for $189.00 (USD) from Epic SoundLab


The Forge is Epic Soundlab’s hybrid library for kontakt. It has a pretty vast set of sample spread across multiple categories. The 200 presets of The Forge are pretty good starting points to mold and manipulate the sounds with the instruments build in effects, arpeggiator and sequencing tools.

The cleanly designed no-frills interface is very easy to use and get you working on sounds quickly. I own a ton of hybrid instruments so for me the strengths of The Forge really lie in it’s huge array of sounds you get in nearly a dozen categories. The Forge also falls in a very reasonable price point compared to a lot of hybrid instruments out there selling for only $189 (USD).

The sound sets of of The Forge are very much “of the now” and have tend to lean towards that hybrid trailer-adventure-score kind of sound although, like I said, there is a pretty big variety of timbres in the instrument.



The Forge contains 200 presets weighs in at 3.65GB and does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1.

Owners of Epic Soundlab’s The Forge Player #01 & Octamorph FE are eligible for special cross grade prices.


The Forge presets come in the following designated categories: Drones, Drums (Acoustic, Designed, Synthetic), Impacts, Melodic, Rhythmic and Warped Loops, Melodic Instruments, Risers Downers, SFX, Sweeps, Synth Arp, Synth Basic, Synth Bass, Synth Pads, Synth Poly and Tuned Percussions


The Forge allows users to choose 1 of the 3 Arpeggiator, Polyphonic Sequencer or Rhythmic Gater to manipulate the sound all of which tempo sync to your host DAW.

In addition you have the ability to customize your own samples and the download comes with a MIDI file to be used with the instrument.

The Forge sells for $189.00 (USD) from Epic SoundLab

Official Demos of The Forge

Official Videos of The Forge