Review Fluid Harmonics from In Session Audio


Inspiring with a magnitude of sonic possibilities, Fluid Harmonics is a joy to work with providing instant gratification with the presets, and for those of us wanting to craft and sculpt our own rhythmic textures, hundreds of controls to manipulate the top-shelf samples.


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UPDATE December 2017:
Fluid Harmonics now includes two new sound categories and 40 new patches that were not included at the time of this review.

UPDATE July 18, 2016:
Fluid Harmonics now includes 48 new Ambient and Pad patches that were not included at the time of this review.


Review Fluid Harmonics from In Session Audio

Fluid Harmonics sells for $179.99 from


I have been a fan of Kyle Z for a long time. As the founder of the now defunct Nine Volt Audio, Kyle created one of the largest and most versatile loop collection for Stylus RMX and I have used them in dozens of my own composition projects. Since starting In Session Audio the team has released 10 beautiful sounding guitar-centric loop and phrase libraries for kontakt.

I was thrilled to see the first sneak peak vid of Fluid Harmonics. I felt it captured the spirit of some of the great loop/phrase libraries of Nine Volt’s past but kept in step with the current guitar centered libraries In Session Audio has been focused on. After a just a few minutes with the instrument it was pretty clear that In Session Audio has created a library on an entirely new level.

Fluid Harmonics provides instant gratification for those who want to use the presets. For those of us wanting to craft and sculpt our own rhythmic textures the instrument contains hundreds of parameter controls to manipulate the crystal clear sample sets. Inspiring with a magnitude of sonic possibilities, Fluid Harmonics is a joy to work with.


Presets and Sample Sets


Fluid Harmonics loads up to 3 Sample Sets at a time


Fluid Harmonics main sounds sets are based on sampled guitar harmonics. Over 30 different electric and acoustic guitars recorded for the instrument. In addition over 100 synth sample sets are included expanding on the variety and texture of the instrument.

The presets alone provide much more than just a great starting point, they are vast and surprisingly varied for an instrument that samples come with a focus guitar harmonics and synths. While working on the review I found myself get swept away in the inspiration and started writing music completely losing track of time and getting behind on my review.




Triple Play Engine

At the core of Fluid Harmonics is In Session Audio‘s new Triple Play Engine. The concept of the Engine was that user could select three sound sources, arpeggiate them, add effects and humanization independently. In Session Audio has succeeded with flying colors (pun intended). As complex of a hybrid instrument as Fluid Harmonics is, I honestly never had to reach for the manual finding the GUI intuitive and easy to use.

One thing I usually get hung up on is the ability to adjust my steps in a kontakt arpeggiator and In Session Audio must have felt the same way because they scripted Fluid Harmonics to Triple Play arpeggiator to go up to as many as 64 steps and as few as 2 steps. This is great becuase you can get some more ambiguous rhythmic phrases going with each of the sample sets having its own arp length.






At the time of my review In Session Audio was working out a bug in the first release. The bug is causing some instruments to continue to playback after the the DAW has stopped. This did happen with my session a couple times and was easily stopped by pressing down the sustain pedal. In Session Audio is aware of the bug and is working to release an update as soon as possible.

Just days after first publishing the review In Session Audio sent out an update patch for the instrument which has fixed the bug mentioned above.


Fluid-Harmonics sound sets were created from sampling with 18 electric guitars, 12 acoustic guitars and 100 custom made synth sets.
All guitars feature triple round robins.

Fluid-Harmonics comes with 152 patches split into four categories: Triple Play Electric (40), Triple Play Acoustic (40),  Rhythmic Pulses w Mod Wheel (24) and Solo (48)

The instrument also comes with 64 custom reverb impulse responses, 12 custom amp cabinet impulse responses and 64 custom fx unit presets.

The Triple Play rhythm grid (arpeggiator ) allows controls over 15 parameters at the same time including arp, pitch, filter cutoff, volume and pan x 3

The Triple Play engine supports up to 22 user-selected Kontakt effects at once, plus an additional three filters, three send delays and three send reverbs, for a total of 31 (!) simultaneous effects.

Fluid Harmonics requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2+ from Native Instruments.

Fluid Harmonics sells for $179.99 from


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