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EZDrummer 2 Rock Edition

The Facts

EZDrummer 2 Rock Edition contains the EZDrummer 2 software which comes with 9 drum kits including Modern style kits and Vintage style kits with several presets.

EZDrummer 2 Rock Edition also includes 2 of the EZX Expansion modules which allow you to expand the EZDrummer player (or the Superior Drummer player) with a fresh pool of drum samples. The included EZX libraries are Pop/Rock EZX & Rock! EZX.

The Pop/Rock EZX which is based around a classic GMS kit with multiple snares, bass drums and cymbals. The sample for the Pop/Rock EZX were captured by legendary engineer duo Neil Dorfsman (Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits) and Pat Thrall (Beyoncé, Katy Perry) together with renowned session drummer Nir Z (Chris Cornell, Genesis).

The Rock! EZX contains 8 complete drum kits recorded in various top studios in New York, Nashville, London and Stockholm that have been blended and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Neil Dorfsman.

Both EZX Expansions come with an extensive pack of MIDI files of drum programming that is easy to access in the Browser tab. EZDrummer 2 also gives you the ability to drag the midi performances directly into your DAW for editing, manipulation or song creation. EZD2 also has its own playback engine in the player which will allow you to drag and arrange midi drum performances in sequence for easy song creation.

EZDrummer 2 also has electronic drum kit support.

Not Just Another Drum Library

The capabilities don’t stop there, EZDrummer 2 also comes with MIDI drum performances custom performed and captured for each kit. EZDrummer 2 can be loaded with even more MIDI performances from celebrity drummers including Kenny Arnoff & Dirk Verbeuren. The extensive library of ToonTrack’s MIDI Packs covers just about every genre with amazing groove and feel. All Midi is divided out with multiple takes in song form with spereate and alternate Intros, Chorus, Pre-Chourus, Fills, Bridges and Percussion.

Now, here is where the library exceeds all expectations – you can find MIDI drum performances by playing patterns into the software and it will find similar patterns that you have loaded into EXDrummer. All Midi can be dragged into your DAW channels OR be assembled in the EZDrummer 2 timeline for those who want to avoid the piano roll.

And if you thought that was cool then this might be the icing on the cake, EZDrummer 2 will actually let you communicate with the “virtual” drummer by letting you suggest variations on the performances.


Final Thoughts

I love EZDRummer 2 and the Rock Edition adds such a great set of kits that I could use this bundle 70% of the time for scoring and songwriting. I could have written a novel about it because there are so many features ( be sure to watch the EZDrummer 2 official videos). The software is so flexible and useable that songwriters, composers and music makers can all get a lot out of it in so many different ways.

If I am going to be critical about anything at all it would be that a few of the cymbal samples sound a little harsh and I use EQ to get them to be nice and smooth, but then again, it is a sample of someone smashing into a big piece of metal.

I have been a fan of EZDrummer 2 for sometime and have incorporated it into my work on scores for commercials and films several times. With the expansion in drum libraries and Midi performances, the ease of use, great sounding kits and a multitude of ways to use the instrument – EZDrummer 2 Rock Edition is sure to become the backbone in your pop/rock template.



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A Behind The Scenes Video Of Don Using EZDrummer 2 for a Toyota Commercial


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