Review: Evolution Songwriter by Orange Tree Samples


I might be starting to sound like a skipping record because each of Orange Tree Samples Evolution libraries becomes my new “favorite. Evolution Songwriter IS my new favorite from the developer with great tone, amazing controls, and a continuation of advanced features added to the engine!

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Review: Evolution Songwriter by Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Songwriter Main Interface

In the latest in the series of Evolution Guitar libraries, Orange Tree Samples teams up with William Derganc to sample and program a classic Gibson J-45.

Evolution Songwriter sells for $179 from Orange Tree Samples

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Evolution Songwriter’s sample set comes from a Legendary Gibson J-45. The library weighs in at 11.2GB with over 13,000 samples of multiple articulations including sustains, Palm Mutes, Mutes, Natural Harmonics, String Slaps, Guitar Body Hits, and more.

In this video review, we take a listen to what Evo Songwriter has to offer with a sample set from a Legendary Gibson J-45 heard in everything from The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and Iron & Wine to name a few.

Evolution Songwriter Preset Menu

The library comes with a couple dozen presets that give you a feel for just how flexible the tone for playback can be adjusted. Several of the presets show off the “TAPE” tone controls and “Noise Floor” which add even more realism and depth to the sound emulating the classic guitar acoustic guitar tones we’ve heard on countless albums of the 60s and 70s.

There are also a few “Drop” presets which extend your range down to a low ‘D” which is a very common drop tuning for this style of guitar playing.

Evolution Songwriter comes with “automatic chords’ function.

The aptly named Evolution Songwriter excels at realism with a focus on details like a custom set of chords especially programmed for this library used for us in the ‘Automatic Chords’ function which is the engines intelligent chord recognition system. I find I can really take advantage of this feature with the strumming engine which gives you two options for outstanding guitar strumming simulation.

Option one utilizes the yellow keys mid-keyboard. With this release, it seems like Orange Tree has delivered even more velocity sensitivity for manual strumming with the yellow keys. The attention to detail with added depths of velocity sensitive dynamic and strum length add even more realism to performing with the instrument.

Option two for strum is the pattern controls in the Stum panel. With custom strumming patterns designed especially for this library, the ability for users to create, load and save presets this is another highlight of Evolution Songwriter.

Evolution Songwriter Strumming Pattern Options

While the TONE controls panel give you all the flexibility of a great signal chain if you are looking for a simple reverb to a fully loaded peddle board, amp simulation, and cabinet selections.

If I was going to be super critical of the instrument I would have to call out that some of the presets load up with the optional “noise floor” boosted in the signal. Although I am 100 percent certain this is meant to replicate the real signal chain of classic recordings I just won’t be able to get away with that much noise in most of my projects. Luckily you can go into your SETUP panel and actually reduce or remove the noise floor completely.

I have been a fan of the OTS Evolution libraries for a while now, but what impresses me the most is the continued dedication to refining the engine to deliver even more lifelike performances with nearly every release. I might be starting to sound like ‘the boy who cried wolf’ because I swear every new libtrary Orage Tree Samples releases in the Evolution engine becomes my ‘new favorite‘, and with this one, I am happy to say the same is true! Great tone, amazing controls and continued advanced features added to the engine make Evolution Songwriter a joy to play and an inspiration to write with.

Evolution Songwriter sells for $179 from Orange Tree Samples

At the time of posting Orange Tree Samples was having a 30% OFF Holiday Sale – use code “Holiday2017” at check out.


Demos of Evolution Songwriter

Official Demo “Heart Swell”

Official Demo “Simple Steps”


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