Review: Evolution Atlantica by KeepForest (75% OFF Bundle Deal)


Evolution Atlantica is a tool designed for the modern trailer composer. It provides the user with a wide range of sound designed trailer effects including “Braaams”, Epic Trailer Hits, Sub Hits, Pulses, Punches, Transitions, and various other hybrid sounds.

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Review: Evolution Atlantica by KeepForest

Following the release of Keepforest‘s first cinematic trailer library, Evolution Dragon, Atlantica takes many of the concepts introduced in its predecessor and builds on them to create an easy-to-use toolkit full of modern hybrid sound effects. The Evolution series specializes in highly aggressive sounds with an edgy electronic bite.

Evolution Atlantica by Keep Forest sells for $199.00 from Time & Space



The Kontakt GUI for this library is bright, colorful, and beautiful to look at. All of the obvious controls are available in the “Main” panel (ADSR, Panning, Tuning) as well as the bonus edition of a visualization of the selected sample’s waveform. This little bonus feature allows you to adjust the start point of the sample in a way that’s visually appealing and simple. The massive knob in the center, while unlabeled, seems to compress and distort the sound coming out of the instrument. It’s essentially a “make bigger and more epic” knob.

The “Motion” panel is a bit more complex, introducing a step-sequencer style interface which allows you to modulate the Gate, Pan, and Filter. It also works as a regular step sequencer for making your own patterns. This is a nice way to create some movement in the sound you are producing. On the left, you also have a list of built-in FX, including filter, reverb, saturation, and several others. Once you select one of the FX, the controls for that specific effect appear on the right side. The effects are very basic without tons of options, but I am particularly fond of the available saturation and distortion. They make for a great and quick way to mangle the sound and make it your own.

Finally, the “Modulation” panel offers control over two LFOs (Low frequency oscillators). One affects the volume, while the other affects the pan of the sample. The essential LFO controls are there, including rate, intensity, and options for different waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Saw, etc). You can certainly create some interesting effects with this panel, however it’s nothing you couldn’t do with external plugins as well.

The Sound

From a pure audio standpoint, Evolution Atlantica is very impressive. The depth and detail in the included sounds (specifically the “Inception Braaams”) is immense – the tone is rich, dark, and full of character. The primary sound categories include “Braaams”, Epic Trailer Hits, Trailer Brass, Booms, Sub Hits, Punches, Transitions, Risers, Pulses, Reverse FX, and more. Each one of these categories come as a single patch (excluding the Braaams, which have 2 full patches of options!) with the menu of different sounds higher up on the keyboard. The bottom of the keyboard is reserved for note/pitch selection. This makes it easy to play and program these menu patches – however the disadvantage here is that most of the sounds were only sampled in the key of D. If you venture to far up or down from a D on your pitch selection, it will start to become very obvious that the sounds you are hearing are being drastically pitch-shifted up or down. I have also experienced pops and clicks when making pitch-changes of more than just a few semitones in the middle of a pulse. That is something to be wary of when programming note changes into these sounds. One other oddity I discovered in the “Epic Trailer Hits” patch is that all of the sample are slightly pre-panned to the right. Whether or not this was intentional, it is something that has to be corrected in the interface or in your DAW if you want your hits to be centered.

Along with the primary categories, there are several other sound types included – the best of which being the “Double Doom Guitar”. This guitar is a simple overdriven lead sound, and for some reason it is strangely addictive to play. There are also some synth leads, pads, and plucks buried down in the instrument folders. However they are very basic and generic aggressive synth sounds – nothing to write home about. Don’t buy Evolution Atlantica just for the small collection of sampled synths. The trailer sounds are the real reason for this library’s existence, and they are very well done.


Evolution Atlantica requires the Full Version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher. It contains over 100 Kontakt Instruments taking up 8 GB of drive space. All samples are in .wav format at 48khz, 24bit.

Evolution Atlantica by Keep Forest sells for $199.00 from Time & Space


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