Review: Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G


Clara’s voice is so beautiful and strong, it instantly grabs the ear of any listener. Her vocal phrases are displayed as a waveform on the main interface, which has a simplified layout that is pleasing to the eye and easy to use. This interface, coupled with Clara’s voice, will have you writing professional sounding soul and gospel vocal parts in no time.

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Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G sells for $79.00 from Zero-G 

Review: Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G


Ethera Soul Edition main interface with wave form preview

The quality is instantly appreciated from the second Ethera Soul Edition is loaded and you trigger your first sample. This library promises stunning Soul and Gospel vocal samples to accompany your tracks and it delivers on every front.

For owners of the Ethera Cinematic Vocal Library, nothing much has changed in the design and quality of the product and it will feel more like an expansion to them. For new users, the Soul Edition is a standalone library and is a great, inexpensive way to start experiencing the top-notch sound quality the Ethera line of instruments.

Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G sells for $79.00 from  Zero-G 



Ethera Soul Edition is the follow-up to the wildly successful Ethera Cinematic Vocals library and while this time around it aims at a more niche market with its Soulful leanings, it does not disappoint. The Ethera line was Initially conceived from a library called “Clara’s Vocal” by Clara Sorace and Stefano Maccarelli. Initially a private development project, it is been developed over the years into the products we know today and I for one hope that we will continue to see them deliver many more of these wonderful vocal libraries.

The phrase instrument is definitely the shining star of this library. It features 12 presets and a number of controls to alter them for personalization. The two Off-Set controls are the most useful and provides the ability to customize where the phrase starts playing from. The sync control is also really useful and allows you to sync the phrases to the BPM of the host without affecting the quality of the samples.

Having never experienced a Zero-G product before, I was expecting the typical vocal library that promises one thing and then leaves me mildly disappointed with nothing but the oohs and aahs. This was absolutely not the case with Ethera Soul Edition. I opened a mediocre gospel track that I had worked on for school and started playing with some of the phrases on top of it.

I was blown away at how amazing the vocals sounded and how they seemed to take my track and elevate it to a whole new level of quality.

After this initial test, I pulled up a search engine and looked up everything I could about Clara Sorace. She is one of the finest vocalist I have ever heard and I was instantly a fan after hearing how much passion and soul she put into recording these samples. This library changed the way I view vocal libraries and their functions.

Ethera Soul Phrase Builder Tab

Normally when I acquire a sample library, it is to fulfill a need I have in writing or to add a new tool to my toolbox for future use. This was the first time for me that a sample library served as my muse and begged me to write songs for it. It inspired me to want to write the finest backing tracks possible to accompany Clara’s amazing vocals. The full choir instruments, also sung by Clara, offers a beautiful sound bed of oohs and aahs to flesh out the vocals and add support to the main phrase instrument.

Ethera Soul Phrase Builder – Expert Legato Mode

The phrase builder instrument features a step sequencer with 32 steps that enables you to custom build your own phrases and a legato expert mode to help shape those phrases to your needs. This library is an incredible asset to anyone that writes gospel or soul music and is easily worth more than the $79.00 price tag.

Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G sells for $79.00 from  Zero-G 


Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G downloads as just over 1.2 GB. The sample set is made up of 24bit/48khz uncompressed waves.
The library contains phrases & songs with 2 sync modes & legato mode with a phrase builder and the legato & poly modes contain 30 different phrases.
• Legato Expert Mode Tab
• Full Choir Oh & Uh with Crescendo.
• FX Rack
• Fantastic Virtual Legato
• Attack & Release Sample time – Volume Control
• Natural Vibrato (Mod Wheel) – Vibrato Rate Control
• Ahh, Ohh & Mmm, Vocal Sound Sustain Patches
• Two Offset Sample Start Control on Phrases
• Waveform Display of Phrases
Ethera Soul Edition also comes fully equipped with a complete FX section that includes chorus, flanger and phaser, compressor, EQ, filter, convolution reverb, overdrive, delay, amp simulator and cabinet simulator.

Ethera Soul Edition by Zero-G sells for $79.00 from Zero-G 


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