First Look Review Esper Synth from UnEarthed Sampling


In this First Look Review of Epser Synth from UnEarthed Sampling we take a look at the kontakt patches & play through the instruments of this “inspired” virtual software instrument

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Epser Synth is available from UnEarthed Sampling

The Facts

With Esper Synth UnEarthed Sampling sets out to recreate some of the iconic sounds created by Vangelis for his score for the film Blade Runner.

The Sampled for Esper Synth were sampled directly from painstakingly re-created inspired sounds on an actual CS 80 synth which was used  in the score for Bladerunner.

Epser synth contains12 patches in total with 5 versions of “the” brassy lead sound, 4 pads, 2 bell instruments, and even an “offworld percussion” section (inspired by the bladerunner main title cue) with reverb in the samples. In most of the patches the volume is mapped to the modwheel for easy dynamic control.

The GUI contains controls for LOW, MID, and HI EQ as well as attackand release sliders. There is a reverb (space) control knob, and a button to turn the patch from poly to monophonic if you’re after authenticity.

Esper Synth is available for Kontakt + or higher.



Love what UnEarthed Sampling has done with this instrument. It is unique and exciting and I could be wrong but I don’t know of another “concept” library out there like this one.

As a composer myself who sets out to create a “world of sound” when scoring, I love how UnEarthered Sampling has captured a world of a famous score and fashioned it into the Esper Synth. Rich, full and spot on, Esper Synth conjures a sci-fi world with just the touch of a key.

If you spent time deeply engaged in the Bladerunner world than the score will speak to you and in turn, as a composer, the Esper Synth allows you to create your own music with the pallet and character associated with the gritty world the film is made in.


Official Epser Synth Demos

Official Videos of Epser Synth