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Ready for an epic battle, and introduction to your next action hero or blast from another world? Drums of the Deep Vol.1 will command attention!.

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This review was originally published on May 13, 2016.

Review Drums of the Deep Vol.1 from Auddict

Ready for an epic battle, and introduction to your next action hero or blast from another world comes a collection of heart-stopping, earth-shattering percussive delights designed to add the urgency, emotion and sheer power to your next film/game score, trailer or even as a part of your next musical composition. These drums will command attention!

Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 sells for  £100.00 from Auddict



Auddict has been producing some impressive orchestral libraries of late and now throws their hat into to the percussive side of things with Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 I have to say that after hearing the quality of the sound and working with the various drums and microphone options, I can only hope that Vol. 2 is coming soon!

These drums are sampled from the REAL drums used in major film scores and you can feel the power of the Taikos, the unique sound of the Djembe, the crack of the Tabor – well you get my point. The drums are life-like and brilliantly sampled, as opposed to some others that sound dull and muddy. The dynamics are captured and you have the ability to tweak the sound of both the 3 Mic (Professionally Processed) and 7 Mic (Direct Input Recordings) patches.


The interface is standard for each of the drum patches, other than the Mic variations. Simple enough to use but powerful enough to design that drum sound that cuts through the mix or creates the mood or sets the tempo. The pitch control allows you to get some interesting results whether working with the 3 or 7 Mic patches.

Standard Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release allow for further sculpting of your sound.  I really like the ability to design a sound using the 7 Mic perspective and explore the various options in sound based on distance of Mic placement combined with changing parameters for Pitch and Attack/Release
You can indeed create some very distinct sounds that are uniquely yours.


To take things even further with some experimentation, you can stack the drums and mix for instance a Taiko and Deep Drum and sculpt a sound that is absolutely jarring. There is really no limit to what you can do with Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 The 3 Mic patches are ready to go when you are and the 7 Mic patches allow for an endless combination of tweaking. The combination of drums included is impressive in its own right.

A couple of things that I would like to have seen more detail provided on are:

1)    The history of the drums themselves. Are they the actual drums used in film production and if so, some examples of the films they were used in.  I think the historical context is important given the branding. Are they the actual drums or just like them.

2)    Just as importantly, I would like to see the detailed information on the microphones used for sampling both the 3 perspective and 7 perspective positions for the drums.  This would also beg the question as to whether the microphones are also the same used in the film scores mentioned.

Putting the lack of historical context aside, the sound quality of Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 is impeccable and at the sales price, you can’t go wrong.



Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 contains 18 patches which accounts for the 3 and 7 microphone positions provided for each of the 10 drums (Ships Bell and Tam-Tam are 3 microphone only).  Included in the library are sampled Deep Bass, Dhol, Djembe, Djun-djun, Ships Bell, Tabor, 28” Taiko, 60” Taiko, Tam-tam and Verdi Bass Drum used on regularly on many of the major film scores.

The 3 Mic version of the drums is professionally produced by Auddict using Near, Mid and Far positions to capture the essence of each drum at it’s finest, while the 7 Mic version are direct feed based on position of the Mic allowing you to sculpt the sound of each drum to your own liking.

The library comes in at 12 GB (24 GB required to complete installation) and requires a full NI Kontakt version 4 or above license. NI Kontakt Player is not supported.

Drums of the Deep Vol. 1 sells for  £100.00 from Auddict

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