Review: Dronar Guitarscapes from Gothic Instruments


Dronar Guitarscapes can create a huge variety of customizable textures and timbres and is a real deal for the asking price. For as much customization as this instrument has inside it’s unique interface, it is fairly easy to get around in. This was my gateway into the Gothic Instruments libraries and now I want to revisit the previous 2 instruments.

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Jump to the Videos of Dronar Guitarscapes

Jump to the Videos of Dronar Guitarscapes

Review: Dronar Guitarscapes from Gothic Instruments

Dronar Guitarscapes is Gothic Instruments 3rd release. Gothic Instruments made a splash with their first release Dronar and sophomore release Sculptor.  I believe with their 3rd release, the developer uses the same engine and concept behind the previous 2 instruments but this time includes a fresh new set of samples with a focus on guitar sounds.

Dronar Guitarscapes sells for £49.96 and is available exclusively from Time & Space

There is also an educational edition of the library which sells for £29.96.

Current owners of Dronar can get 20% off with a loyalty discount on this and future Dronar libraries.




First up, Dronar Guitarscapes is a hybrid instrument and does require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5+. The library comes with a pretty huge sound set and downloads as 5.89 GB.

The sample sets of the library come from recording mandolin, electric, acoustic and steel guitars performed by guitarists Gabriel Brosteanu (acoustics), Kyle Knicelely (electric and bass) and Scott Poley (Pedal Steel and Mandolin).

Dronar Guitarscapes Folder Stricture - No shortage of presets

Dronar Guitarscapes Folder Structure – No shortage of presets

There are no shortage of presets with over 320 nkis ranging from spacious pads and complex atmospheres spanning natural to spacious, airy to ominous and even downright chaiotic textures.  To top it all off, many of these presets were designed by well known composers including Mary Ann Fisher who I am a big fan of! Highlights for me also included the Stewart Sweeny “Blade Run” presets which really captured the spirit of the Vangelis score through the samples and effect manipulation.

With over 320 nkis there is no shortage of inspiration in this instrument.

This was my gateway into the Gothic Instruments libraries and now I want to revisit the previous 2 instruments! Although the developer has created a unique interface for this hybrid library, I have to say it was very intuitive to get around in for the most part. For as much customization as this instrument has inside it’s unique interface, I had no trouble doing basic loading of sample sets into the bank, manipulating them with effect and mixing the banks together.

The Expert panel is where you load in samples and FX layers

The Advanced panel allows users to load the various samples into the 3 banks.

The Expert panel allows users to load the various samples into the 3 banks.

Dronar Guitarscapes uses separate HI, MID & BASS sample banks to load in the samples with an FX layer. All layers combined create some really great timbres with lots of motion and depth. This is the secret to the library; allowing users to control each of the these layers separately to sculpt evolving soundscapes, rather delivering them as stagnant guitar “pads”.


Dronar Guitascapes Arpegiator Panel

The instrument also contains panels for LFO & FX controls as well as an Arpeggiator (ARP) panel. It is pretty easy to use and allows you to add different arp controls for each of the sample layers (HI, MID, LOW) as well as arpeggiation to the FX layer. It comes with parameter controls to change the division (rate) of the arpeggiation as well as controls for changing the number of steps.

RHYTHM EDITOR panel offer lots of controls


Dronar Guitarscapes Rhythm Editor

The only place I had a bit of a “stumble-around” was with the Rhythm Editor panel. This very ingenious add-on to the instrument should not be overlooked. After I had a trip to the manual (with clear instructions on use of the Rhythm Editor) I was even more excited about what Dronar Guitarscapes was capable of. The Rhythm Editor allows you to create intricate patterns “re-generated” from the live sample performances. You can create your own rhythms. It also has controls to allow adjustment between 1/2, 1X & 2X tempo with beat divisions from very slow to very fast 32nd notes. I really loved how the engine allows users to add accents to highlight rhythm and feel, giving you some real power in creating your own groove.

I think this is going to be a great tool for those looking to create textures and ambience, especially for those composers creating underscore for media. As a composer working on music for media like myself I am always seeking out fresh textures and timbres. Dronar Guitarscapes does a wonderful job of creating new and interesting beds and underscore and I think this instrument will be a wonderful addition to my composing toolkit.





Demos of Dronar Guitarscapes

Demos of the instrument available at Time & Space



Videos of Videos of Dronar Guitarscapes