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Doom a sound effects instrument for kontakt from SampleTraxx

Doom sells for $34.00 (USD)  from the official Sampletraxx Store

The Facts

DOOM is a sound effects created by SampleTraxx. The is a collection of over 260 samples designed for cinematic impacts, complex stingers, one shot tones and dark percussive elements with a dirty authentic sound.

Doom is made up of 10 Kontakt instruments and has 3 Multis for inspiration.The library weighs in at 1+GB and 260 samples of 96KHz/24 bit .WAV files. The 10 instruments are Cinematic Impacts, Cinematic Matter, Designer Layers, Doom Extras, Emotional Impact, Kick Distorted, Kick Round, Low Key Elements. Trailer Beast & Weird Matter.

DOOM was created with sound designers, sound editors and composers in mind to add that “high impact” and “destruction”.



Designed by Alessandro Romeo, lead sound designer and founder of SampleTraxx, DOOM is the second sound pack in SampleTraxx‘s “Extreme Cinematic Series”. The series aimes to bring cutting edge dramatic sound design and it does just that at a very low price. Note the first library in the series was Raptus which focused on “huge sound pressure and devastating distortion”.

This is a great set of sound effects if your looking for this kind of kit. Now I don’t do a lot of effects myself, but I do incorporate these kind of libraries in some of my music to give it a that extra dark or sci-fi impact.

There is no GUI for Doom. If you know me you know how I celebrate creative and effective GUI . . . but with DOOM, I’m ok that they didn’t put the money into trying to create something fancy for the kontakt library. These Samples sound great and with a retail price of just $34.00 USD I think I’ll get my moneys worth out of the kick distorted instrument alone!

Doom sells for $34.00 (USD)  from the official Sampletraxx Store


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