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Dark Dimensions Vol. 1 • Dark Science-Fiction Cinematic Tool Kit

The Facts

Dark Dimensions Vol 1 is a collections of instruments with hard hitting, dark, science-fiction trailer sounds created by sound designer and producer Paul Ortiz.

The library was recorded in 96kHz / 24bit and contains instruments of Booms, Downers, Drones, Designed Hits, Futuristic FX, Pulses in 3/4, Pulses in 4/4, Reversed FX,Risers, Slow Stingers and Whooshes.

In total there are 126 files equaling 1.2GB of custom Kontakt instruments that have been created using the open-source engine Photosynthesis created by Jeremiah Pena.

Dark Dimensions Vol 1 requires the full version of Kontakt 5.4.2 or higher and the instruments will not run in the free Kontakt player.

DarkDimesionsVol1 Audio Imperia

DarkDimesionsVol1 Audio Imperia


My Thoughts

Dark Dimensions Vol 1 transports you to the to the center seat, front row with the loads of sub and impressive punch instantly adding those giant trailer sound that are very much the “now” to your work.

Using Jeremiah Pena’s open-source Photosynthesis engine gives Dark Dimensions Vol 1 all the controls a composer could ask for sound shaping with filters, effects, and a step sequencer, filter sequencer, and fou LFO’s. The interface has so many options and with such great sounds out of the box you will be able to get some very usable and cool

With only 126 sounds I got through the instruments pretty quickly. But this is not an expensive library so I felt the quality really balances out the quantity.

The booms, risers, drones, downers and hits are all exciting and full of useful, very fashionable samples. It’s hard not to recall the blockbuster-franchise-robot-car films when playing through the Futuristic FX as they pack every bit of bite, digital twisting and impact as thier theatrical forefathers. The Slow Risers add not only fresh but great addition to the kinds of sounds my arsenal is lacking.

Although I really enjoyed playing back the Pulses instruments (which come as 3/4 & 4/4 instruments) and thought they sounded great I did feel they were a little limited in range. I could see the Pulses expanded upon greatly as an entirely new library. With such a strong and rousing set of sounds I will be eager to see what Vol 2 of Dark Dimensions brings to the table.

Loaded with top shelf, highly fashionable sounds I am sure we will be hearing Dark Dimensions in many movie and video game trailers in the near future.



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