Review Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars from Audio Imperia


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Review Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars from Audio Imperia

Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars sells for $75 from Audio Imperia

With it’s top-notch samples and well thought out patches, Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars had me swept up in the textures and the tones and inspired me to start writing right away. We have seen a real boom in the amount of “celebrity” libraries and I think having a tool like Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars allows you to “virtually” work with a top level composer and sound designer. This is so valuable for both inspiration and tight deadline productions.

The library contains about 150 kontakt presets that range from ambient textures to rhythmic hits to “motor” pulsing sequences.

I tended to gravitate towards using the 12 MASTER instrument presets. These contain chromatic triggering of the samples (red key keyswitches) while sample playback is selected with the blue keys. Not only were these patches great for auditioning all of the 130-some samples, it also proved to be a great way to compose with the ability to shift the tonic of the loop to fit the composition movement on the fly.

Ebow Tensions Master

Trailer Guitars Ebow Tensions Master Kontakt Preset

The library is housed in the the Photosynthesis Engine which is an open-souce engine created by Jeremiah Pena who runs and Exotic States and also creates libraries for Audio Imperia ( See the SLR review of Exotic States Photosynthesis Vol 4 Realms mentioned in the video)


Trailer Guitars Effects Engine Panel

The only cons I see here is that the library is designed as a push and play sample set. Don’t get me wrong, the samples sound fantastic and sure there is a good effects engine includede with the Photosynthesis engine. But I would have liked to have seen more advanced programming with layering. Maybe the ability to morph and manipulate when or how the dissonant tensions and bends happen, via midi controller data – especially with the textures and motors. I guess what I am saying is I love the sounds but would love to be able to “play” the instrument instead of “playback” the samples. That is perhaps a different instrument that Danny and Audio Imperia set out to create.

By the time I was finished reviewing the instrument I had heard all of the samples and started writing with Trailer Guitars as it inspired a few new ideas. For me, that on top of all the other pros, easily makes the library worth the asking price.


Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars contains just under 150 kontakt presets and was created using the open-source Photosynthesis engine.The library downloads as just over 1 GB and does require the full version of kontakt 5.5 or higher.

Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars sells for $75 from Audio Imperia

Official Demos of Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars

Official Videos of Danny Cocke’s Trailer Guitars