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Da Capo sells for €199.99 from Sonokinetic


Review Da Capo by Sonokinetic

Da Capo was the first of Sonokinetic’s Orchestral Series libraries. The sample library for Kontakt was released several years ago but updated to version 1.2 in 2013.

Sonokinetic’s Da Capo is a very detailed and great sounding library. The collection contains Orchestral Section instruments for Woodwinds, Brass, Strings & Percussion with their core articulations (Sustain, Staccato, Marcato and Pizzicato & Bartok Pizzicato for Strings). While this includes Polyphonic Legato for the majority of samples it is absent for Low Brass and Low Wind instruments.

The latest update for Da Capo is version 1.2 and the library comes with both the main nkis as well as lite version for an even more nimble memory footprint.

Da Capo is an ensemble tool, broken out as sections, and designed for working quickly with excellent sample quality. The interface is so streamlined and easy to use that I doubt you will need to reference the manual, although there are very good detailed walkthrough videos that can get you up to speed in no time.


This is a sample library for working with ensembles quickly. Nkis are delivered for Brass, Woodwinds, Strings, Percussion and an “All Sections”. The Winds and Brass contain High, Mid and Low sample set options while the Strings are delivered as 4 sections with Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass). The Percussion contains a limited but very usable selection while the “All Sections” allows for some incredibly detailed and realistic performances with just the one patch allow access to all sections in one keyboard.


The main instruments allow for mixing the 4 microphone positions (Close, Decca, Wide and Balcony) all recorded with the orchestra in the same hall as Sonokinetic “Tutti” and “Vivace” libraries making it ideal for blending. This is one of the standout features in my opinion as the library gives those working with Sonokinetic’s orchestral phrase libraries a collection of multi-sampled ensemble instruments to seamlessly performance alongside or within your compositions.

The instruments also come with an IR for adding reverb with simple controls for amount and size. The built-in reverb is very clean and works extremely well with this sample set.

I have a few “section” and “ensemble” libraries on my drives but Sonokinetic’s approach to Da Capo is unlike any other library out there; Instead of dictating what ensembles of the orchestral section will be triggered with playback, Da Capo allows the kind of build-your-own-patch approach that is flexible and best of all responds expressly to keyboard performance.

This library could be ideal for those looking for an amazing sounding orchestral sample set with the basic articulations and lots of flexibility and even more useful for those who work regularly with other Sonokinetic libraries and want a tool for playing everything in the same hall with the same sonic characteristics.

Da Capo sells for €199.99 from Sonokinetic


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