Review: Cymbal Rolls by Loops De La Creme


Cymbal Rolls delivers a bit more than expected from a cymbal percussion sample designed instrument. The library offers playback of rolls and swells but Loops De La Creme took functionality a few steps further including timing adjustments via the mod wheel, effects, filters and automation controls that allow users to create interesting soundscapes.

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Review: Cymbal Rolls by Loops De La Creme

Cymbal Rolls is an extensively deep sampled cymbal library of a collection of cymbal rolls and swells. These rolls and swell samples are dynamically controlled by the modulation wheel for more realism and user control over the cymbal swells.

Cymbal Rolls library sells for €42 and is available from Loops De La Creme



In its most basic form Cymbal Rolls is a library consisting of 10 sampled premium cymbals. There’s the recorded rolls for each cymbal, and then there is also a single dynamic instrument which includes all the cymbals hits in one patch. The cymbals have up to 34 dynamic layers of each hit for maximum realism.

Most other libraries that I’ve used with cymbal rolls and swells, basically have a sample that’s contained within one keystroke and not much for options over how the swell is played. So you hold down the key and it triggers the cymbal swell. I find you don’t have much control over this. You then need to bounce this part to audio, and then see where the crescendo of the swell is on the waveform view and line this up with your parts in your DAW.

What’s interesting about Cymbal Rolls is that the swells are dynamically controlled by CC1 (the Mod Wheel). And this works really well. So you play the note, then you ride the modulation wheel as it swells up the cymbal and then when you release the note, it finishes off the tail of the cymbal. So you have much more control over your swell and how to time them with the rest of your arrangement.

What’s even better is that you can play multiple notes on a patch which triggers different sampled cymbals, and swell these all up together to create a massive cymbal swell. This works amazingly well with cinematic material. For builds in the arrangement, you can hold down multiple notes, swell them up with the Mod Wheel, and you have a huge wash of cymbals to the peak in the build. Just be careful when CC1 is opened up all the way with multiple notes , as it goes into the red and clips the audio.

The Kontakt engine has also built in some great filters and effects, to take these sampled cymbal sounds further than your average swell.

By incorporating the high and low pass filters, plus the included effects (which contains room reverbs, and plate reverbs), you can create quite interesting washes of sounds, that don’t entirely resemble cymbals. It adds this extra layer of sparkle and shimmer to your productions. You can get unique reverse-style type sounds with these swells by automating the Hi or Low pass filters as well. What I did was assign the High Pass to CC1 as well, so I just used one dial to automate both parameters.

You can even create some interesting soundscapes. Like taking the Hi Pass filter, also assigning it to the Mod Wheel and then enabling the notch filter and Effect button. Then, you can choose something like an Echo plate, increase the Mix amount and when you play your note and ride the Mod Wheel up it sounds like this Eerie setting. So you can use it for your standard arrangements ideas like an orchestral setup where you use it for percussion embellishments .or you can use it for sound designing your own unique soundscapes.


This is a 1.57 GB library with 10 single cymbal roll instruments, and 1 dynamic set with all the cymbals. The following 10 Premium cymbals have been sampled:

Meinl Byzance 21″ Ride Transition
Meinl Byzance 18″ Dark Crash
Paiste Signature 14″ Fast Crash
Sabian AAX 16″ Aero Crash
Paiste PST-8 18″ China Rock
Sabian XS20 18″ China
Zildjian Avedis 19″ Beautiful Baby Ride
Zildjian A-Custom 18″ Crash
Zildjian Kerope 19″ Crash
Zildjian Constantinople 22″ Thin Ride

Cymbal Rolls library sells for €42 and is available from Loops De La Creme


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