Review Cinematic Zither from Sampletraxx


This library was featured in the 5 UNDER: Tension Tools Video

Another sonically stunning library from Sampletraxx! The Sampletraxx libraries are a secret weapon in my and many other composers arsenal to add amazing sounds to our scores. Cinematic Zither does not disappoint.

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Review Cinematic Zither from Sampletraxx

Cinematic Zither sells for €32 from the official Sampletraxx Store


I have been a huge fan of the Sampletraxx tools since I first reviewed  Raptus  and Doom. With this library Sampletraxx has collaborated with sound designer Sebastian Elming and created another sonically stunning library.

From the first play of Cinematic Zither you can hear how this library will be perfect for horror, sci-fi, thrillers scores. All source samples for the library come from a Zither, played with fingers, bow, drum sticks, dices, metal sponge to get all possible sound and noise recorded with 6 microphones. Each of the 10 kontakt presets sample sets are stunning with incredible fidelity and impact.

Without getting into all of the details of the Photosynthesis engine, the fact that Cinematic Zither is using this engine means you can tweak control of the Amp, Pitch, Envelope and Filter setting right from the main interface.  There is also a complete effects section to color your sounds and Rhythm Engine with a nice set of configuration control over a step sequencer and Pre and Post FX filters with a nice set of options for the wave controls. The Output Engine has a nice set of controls for stereo/mono/pan/ADSR and equalization.



Cinematic Zither weighs in at 2.2 Gb and contains over 220 Wav files sampled at 96k/24bit with embedded Metadata.

The library comes with 10 Kontakt Instruments using open source engine Photosynthesis (full version of Kontakt or higher – Free Player not supported) and contains Stingers, Bowed, Reverse, Hits, Ambient & Drones, Raw Recordings.

Cinematic Zither sells for €32 from the official Sampletraxx Store

Official Demos of Cinematic Zither