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“A great sound set of WAV files in a Kontakt instrument created & curated from vast set of hardware and software synths. Cinematic Synth FX gives maximum impact for action and high-octane sound design.”


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Cinematic Synth FX from Funk Soul Productions

Cinematic Synth FX from Funk Soul Productions sells for $99.00 (USD) from Big Fish Audio


I am always eager to see what Funk/Soul Productions is creating and Cinematic Synth FX did not disappoint. The library is a great sounding set of effects crafted and curated by sound designer Mike Kiraly.

The ability to take the samples even further using the KLI Kontakt instrument really pushes this library over the top of my expectations. I found the midi controller parameters for effects gives users the ability to shape, morph and manipulate make this a dynamic sound design instrument. The library promised “sub-shaking hits to cone-ripping complex risers” and I found it to be contemporary, exciting and very of-the-now for powerful impact that would really cut through a scene, making them ideal for action and high-octane sound design.

At the heart of Cinematic Synth FX  are the samples created using some fantastic gear.  Cinematic Synth FX was created using hardware synths and software including Reon Driftbox, Elektron RYTM, Elektron A4, Elektron Octatrack, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12, Eurorack Modular Synth, including modules by Make Noise, Xaoc Devices, The Harvestman, Modcan, Intellijel and ADDAC Systems. Crumar Performer, Korg Prophecy, Nord Drum 2, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Pocket Operators, Eventide H9 and Empirical Labs Distressor.


Cinematic Synth FX is a collection of synth-based sound design samples in both WAV format as well as a konakt instrument.

The library includes over 1.6 GB and contains over 780 synth-based sound design elements.

The sounds were selected for their dramatic impact and power, making them ideal for high-intensity, action-based cues. From deep, sub-shaking hits to cone-ripping complex risers, CSFX makes it easy to add pro-level sound design elements to your productions at an affordable price.

The library includes Complex Hits, Deep Hits, Combo Hits, Single Hits, Complex Risers, Single Risers, Fallers, Downers, Slow-Downs, Cinematic Drones, Textures and Glitch FX.

Cinematic Synth FX from Funk Soul Productions sells for $99.00 (USD) from Big Fish Audio

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