Review Chris Hein Winds Compact


Though Chris Hein Winds Compact comes with only 5 articulations, you get the benifits of it’s big brother’s (Chris Hein Winds Complete) powerful engine and features for crafting realistic, expressive performances . . . all at a great price point.

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Review Chris Hein Winds Compact

Chris Hein Winds Compact sells for €179  from Best Service


Chris Hein Winds Compact is the lite version of Chris Hein Winds Complete. The library cover the four woodwind sections with 13 kontakt instrument including: 4 flutes, 3 clarinets, 3 oboes and 3 bassoons. The samples were all recorded dry so that is a big plus to those of us mixing all our orchestral instrument into the same rooms.

Stand out features for me checking out the instrument was the Note Head scripted into the engine. This allow you to add an accent note on top of any of the sustain articulations which  adds an amazing amount of realism for those of us working with virtual instruments.

Chris Hein Winds Compact NoteHead

Chris Hein Winds Compact NoteHead

The second stand out feature for me is the BODY IR. This is a separate impulse response engine built into the instrument to generate a “corpus-sound”. I found this separate IR more naturally emulated the sound of being close to a performer regardless of the size of the room.

Chris Hein Winds Compact Body IR controls

Chris Hein Winds Compact Body & Room IR controls

As you may have seen from my previous reviews I tend to steer away from kontakt room IRs as I like to use premium plug-insand route all my instruments into the same room. The Room responses included in Chir Hein’s Winds are great sounding though and pair really nicely with the instruments making them very usable.

With only 5 articulations Chis Hein Winds Compact packs a pretty big punch benefiting from the same engine as the Chris Hein Winds Complete set of instruments. The ture legatos and vibrato sound natural and overall the instrument has so many parameters and ways to program expressive playing making the Compact edition a wonderful entry point that will get you very far . . . especially at the price point of only €179.



Chris Hein Winds Compact contains 13 orchestral woodwind instruments 4 flutes, 3 clarinets, 3 oboes and 3 bassoons and weighs in at 9.7GB. It is a Kontakt player instrument meaning it is compatible with both full and free versions of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1.

The instrument Phase-Aligned samples come with 5 articulations: Sustained Vibrato, Expressive and 3 short articulations. Each offers different options to control the 3-8 dynamic layers: Keyboard Velocity, X-Fade through Expression, a combination of both Keyboard VElocity & X-Fade as well as an editable Auto Fade feature.


The instruments also includes options for switching from legato (with true legato samples) to polyphonic playback.

The instruments were recorded separately with dry close microphones and contains 2 separate convolution engines for the corpus-sound (body) and the ambience (room) which allow for a huge variety of sounds in different spaces.

Chris Hein Winds Compact contains the Note Head Designer. This feature allows users to vary the attack and release shape of the playback samples. There are 6 different variations of the note-head adjustable in the engine with variations of short notes recorded at six different length each contains 8 dynamic layers.

Two types of Vibrato are available on the instrument’s front panel allowing you to choose between manual LFO-Vibrato, and Auto-Vibrato.


The instrument also has an Ensemble mode that will mimic up to 5 performers playback at once as well as a Transient Designer with controls for Attack and Sustain.

Chris Hein Winds Compact sells for €179  from Best Service

Official Demos of Chris Hein Winds

Official Videos of Chris Hein Winds