Review: The Business of Music Licensing – Evenant’s Online Course by Emmett Cooke


Many reviews we post are for things that cost will you money. But today’s review is of a course that could potentially help you make money. Emmett Cooke’s The Business of Music Licensing has helped me to realize a course correction was needed in my plan for music licensing success. Taking what I have learned from the material has already proven successful as I sail onward on this great big sea of licensing possibilities.

Review: The Business of Music Licensing – Evenant’s Online Course by Emmett Cooke

Many of the reviews I do here on Sample Library Review are for products that cost you money in order for you to build your skills. That  is essential if you want to become a professional composer, but today’s review is a course that could actually help you make money. The group over at Evenant Online Courses collaborated with composer Emmett Cooke, author of the book “The Business of Music Licensing,” and converted and augmented it into an indispensable online course.

The Business of Music Licensing is available as an online course for $37 from Evenant



Over the past 20 years the music business has had a huge revolution from the way music is recorded, to the way it’s distributed and sold. I’ve worked hard to stay on top of that. In the good old days, a recording artist could create music and sell physical albums, then it was downloads, and now it’s free, or very affordable streaming options. In this environment, even if you find your fan base or niche and get a decent amount of customers buying your music, it’s hard to make a living out of it. That’s where licensing your music for film, television, commercials or even online content can augment or even become your full-time income.

As a composer, I know there have been a few years where my music licensing has been the income source that moved me from barely scraping by to having a successful year.

When I heard that Evenant was reimagining Cooke’s “The Business of Music Licensing,” I was very excited. This course has some very valuable tools. If you set your sights on the goals outlined in the course and have the discipline to take the prescribed actions, it could help you survive or even thrive with its steps and advice on creating and licensing your music.


Course creator Emmett Cooke


In the Beginning

The course starts out with some really great pointers. In this section, it helps the reader evaluate how an income stream from licensing could work into your particular skill sets and goals. Because of this, it’s perhaps the most important part of the course as it gives you a clear idea of the level of commitment, work ethic, and discipline you’ll need to have to achieve your goals.

What’s the Difference Between a Bumper and a Stinger?

The course contains a music licensing dictionary which will quickly get you up to speed on all the terms you will need to know. Some of the terminology is so specific to music licensing that this dictionary will be an essential resource for newcomers to the world of licensing, as well as being helpful to clarify terms for working composers like myself.


Chapter 4 Heading: The Music Licensing Dictionary. A list of Terminology used in the business of music licensing.

Is this Course Right for You?

The course goes out of it’s way in Chapter 3, “Will music licensing suit me?” to bullet point what Cooke sees as the things to contemplate if you are considering working on creating music for licensing or looking to more successfully implement methods to increase the amount income you get from licensing your music.

This selection is one of three preview chapters that are open to anyone interested to learning more about the course.

Looking over this summary I found that in years past I fell into that second, “isn’t for you“ category. For the last dozen or so years I had no long-term plan for growing a licensing income stream. I also tended to write music that could have commercial potential but was not always what you might consider “commercial” sounding.

Chapter 3: Will music licensing suite me?

So, not only did this course illuminate how lucky I have been in the licensing game, but also how I needed to actually formulate and execute a plan if I wanted to see any kind of growth or long term commercial success with licensing. Through the course I gained some great insights to help me plan these long term goals.


What else is Included?

Some other things the course offers are an overview of the industry, examples of how much money can you make, advice on how many tracks you need to get started, and some insight as to contacting and connecting with music libraries and publishers.

The course also contains an enormous list of leads of music libraries

The course also contains an enormous list of leads of music libraries that are currently seeking music for placements. This is a huge resource and probably worth the asking price of the course alone saving you days of online research. After the course I found myself pouring through this list myself to pick out some of the libraries to see if my music would be a good fit as I expand my licensing goals.

Another thing the course offers is details about how to format your files for submissions and how to make sure you get your royalties for performances if you are not set up with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization).

Finally, the course goes into great depth talking about how you can increase your income once you get into the music licensing game, how to track your success, and how to formulate a plan to make more music that might have similar successful impact.

Final Thoughts

Now personally, this is just what I have been looking for. I’ve had a lot of music licensed to TV, commercials, and some trailers but my main publisher was recently bought out by the world’s largest publisher. In that deal, I feel like my contributions to that library have been lost in the abyss that is their massive catalog. Again to reiterate, this course has helped me to formulate a plan and course correction on the endless sea of licensing possibilities.

From the time I started the course, until the time I finally turned my experience into words for this review (which took almost 4 months!) I am happy to report that I have seen a significant bump in the music licensing side of my business with music used for TV promos and commercials. Furthermore, I plan on implementing some of the more advanced advice Cooke offers including bringing on a virtual assistant just to manage the licensing submission and cataloging of new tracks as well as the 13+ hours of original music I have in my catalog that is just sitting on my hard drive.

I strongly suggested this course. I have been using what I learned from it myself, and putting the knowledge it contains into practice as I get more and more of my own music tracks licensed in 2017 and beyond.

This was the second Evenant course I am reviewing. The first review (which I am still working on) is for the Aspiring Trailer Composer Course. I have been documenting my experience with that course in a video journal which you can see here.

As with all of SLR reviews, before making your purchase, please check out the open chapters and read more about the course to make sure that this is the right for you.




The Course is hosted in the “Teachable” online course format at the Evenant Courses store.
The course is divided into 10 main chapters with 50 sub-chapters.

The Business of Music Licensing is available as an online course for $37 from Evenant