Review Bowed Fences from UnEarthed Sampling


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Bowed Fences is a collection of drones, hits & pads creatively designed from samples of  . . . a bowed fence . . and if you’re not excited yet that’s because you haven’t heard what UnEarthed Sampling has crafted from this sample set.

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Review Bowed Fences from UnEarthed Sampling

Bowed Fences sells for £9.99 from UnEarthed Sampling


Bowed Fences is a wonderful example of the kind of creative sound design coming out of unEarthed Sampling. The sample set of the instrument was taken from bowing, hitting and manipulating a barbed wire fences in in rural Texas. If you’re not excited about the instrument that’s because you haven’t heard how unEarthed Sampling has crafted the original source material sounds into drones, hits & pads that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up at attention.





Bowed Fences contains 22 Kontakt Instruments with 19 original drone presets, 16 original whines, 6 unique hits, 1 tuned “string” patch,
5 designed Percussive / Impact patches  and 14 designed Pad presets

The library comes with a Convolution Reverb with 13 original impulse responses. You can control the Attack, High, Mid, and LO EQ and add distortion with the GRIT KNOB all from the front of the GUI.
Bowed Fences downloads as a little over 100MB and requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2+

Bowed Fences sells for £9.99 from UnEarthed Sampling

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