Review Bohemian Violin from VirHarmonic


“VirHarmonic deliveres great promise with the first instrument in their Soul Capture series: Bohemian Violin. With Bohemian Violin you get the kind of out-of-the-box performances we have been dreaming of from a virtual instrument.”


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Review Bohemian Violin from VirHarmonic

Bohemian Violin sells for €149.00 from from VirHarmonic



The stand out feature of the Bohemian Violin is the ability to play fluidly without worrying about key switching to get different articulations and the engine will intelligently pick up on what you are doing and interpret that into a music performance. This is the kind of paradigm shift in sample library development that gets me very excited. For a developer to go in and craft a sample playback engine in such away that you can easily get expressive and musical ideas down by just playing the keyboard and no additional midi cc programming is the kind of out-of-the-box performances we have been dreaming of from a virtual instrument.

To be fair this is a very specific kind of sound and playback style for a violin.  VirHarmonic have done a great job making this instrument deliver as promised. Not only that, VirHarmonics have set dates for 3 expansions of the instrument throughout 2016. I can’t wait to see what additional sample playback and functionality we get with the instrument.

My only hangups with the instrument are that I am not a fan of the included “Sparkverb”, but then again I typically will not use effects in a sample library player anyway and prefer to use my favorite plugins for effects. The other problem which I need to be sure to address is that this instrument has a very slow load time and sometimes when loading a session with the UVI engine my session (logic) would hang and I would need to force quit and try again.

Now this is the first UVI instrument I have reviewed so I can’t speak to the problem being with the sample player or if my problems have something to do with the instrument itself.

Listen to the demos, check out some of the videos below but for the kind of performances you get out-of-thebox and a good value being priced at €149, I can see why Bohemian Violin has gained a growing a fan base, of which I am now apart of!



Bohemian Violin is a Solo Violin instrument marketed as a “Virtual Performer” instrument using it’s playback engine to create “living dynamics” with true legato bowing.
Bohemian Violin weighs in at 3.4GB and contains 10,894+ samples captured at 96kHz/24bit

VirHarmonics description says the instrument was sampled in pristine mid-side stereo and uses the free UVI Workstation (not a kontakt instrument) and doesn’t requires an iLok Dongle

Bohemian Violin sells for €149.00 and is aviable as a Digital Download Only from VirHarmonics


Official Bohemian Violin Demos


Official Bohemian Violin Videos