Review BBassV from Chocolate Audio


With it’s intuitive playback engine giving life-like performance out of the box, I found BBassV to work really well across many styles of music. If you are a genre hopping composer like me then you will want to check it out.

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Review BBassV from Chocolate Audio

BBass V sells for $99.00 (USD) from Chocolate Audio


BBassV has been out for a little while. I have been wanting to do a review but it just kept getting bumped down the list. I have a lot of specialty sounding bass libraries that work with specific genres, but BBassV is a master of disguise and works in so many styles of music rock, jazz, country and for scores.

To capture the great samples used for the instrument Chocolate Audio recorded the Yamaha BB415 5-string electric bass which they say is  “one of the few non-classics instruments which we find has tons of character.” I have to agree with them on this one. This instrument plays back with loads of personality.

BBassV Panel 1 "Easy" Interface

BBassV Panel 1 “Easy” Interface

The way the instrument works is that you have key switches to select your articulation (Fingered, Mute or Harmonics) and then you have the key switchable “Behavior”s which will change the engines playback mode (Monophonic, Legato or Polyphonic)

You can also select a “Bassist” preset which is a playing style with auto-fretting technology and complete with eq and effects. These Bassist “styles” range from pop, funk, rock, jazz to country and more.

And this is where the engine really shines. You are able to get some extremely convincing performances by only using these functions on the front panel of the GUI, the EASY panel. With just the Fingered and Legato setting, I was able to get slide samples between notes with fret noise, release sounds and a little vibrato.

Digging in deeper the second panel lets you tweak and adjust several of the playback interpretive parameters like legato sample volume, slide behavior and vibrato.

BBassV Playback Panel

BBassV Playback Panel

The next 2 panels have even more parameters and controls (all midi assignable) if you want to get in and really tweak out the instruments behavior for even more convincing performances. The main reason
BBassV GUI Panel 4 the Engine Paramaters

BBassV GUI Panel 4 the Engine Paramaters

The effects panel has all the usual suspects as well as set of presets to help you get started crafting the tone and sound you’re after.
Now many composers might not need another bass in their arsenal but if you are jumping from rock to pop to jazz to underscore as much as I do than the BBassV is a welcome addition to instrument vault. With it’s intuitive playback engine giving life-like performance out of the box I’m excited to be writing with it on my current project,
BBassV downloads as a little under 1GB, contains over 6,500 samples and requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

BBass V sells for $99.00 (USD) from Chocolate Audio

Official Demos of BBass V

Official Videos of BBass V