Review AXIA Cinematic Loops from DJSH


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Review AXIA Cinematic Loops from DJSH


Just a few minutes into plating with Axia and I became a fan of David J St-Hill. I love Axia’s style and feel. I’ll be watching for what DJSH puts out next.


With Axia Cinematic Loops you get a set of really cool construction kits and lots of instruments broken out into stems. Honestly I don’t use many construction kits and prefer instruments, but these are some really cool song kits with a vastness and tonality that is right up my alley.

Although all the stems do tempo sync to your DAW, I would have liked to have seen the main construction kits sync to your DAW host tempo as well. I guess the work around is to load every one of the stems you want to use into kontakt and then it will sync up.

The Facts

Axia Cinematic Loops weighs in at 760MB contains 80 loops & 10 construction Kits (NKI files) and all loops can be used as audio WAV files allowing easy drag and drop into your DAW.
Axia Cinematic Loops requires the full version of Kontakt 5.

Effects and controls of the instrument include: envelope shaping, low pass and high pass filter as well as 6 built in effects including: Distortion, Phaser, Rotor, Chorus, Reverb, Delay.

AXIA Cinematic Loops is available from DJSH for $13

Videos of AXIA Cinematic Loops