Review: Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle


The woodwinds certainly do not get as much attention as they deserve. Woodwinds add vibrant colors to our orchestration palettes, and the Auddict’s Master Solo Woodwinds certainly does them justice.

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Review: Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle


Auddict is known for libraries like Master Brass, Virtuosic Violin, Ceres: Celestial Voices, and Drums of the Deep. The area for which most virtual instrument companies go wrong, have historically been the woodwinds. They are extremely hard to sample because like the brass instruments, they carry with them a very present sense of humanity, primarily because of the fact that they require actual human air to make a proper sound. The Master Solo Woodwinds bundle is excellently sampled, and fantastic for the price.

Auddict Master Solo inds Bundle sells for £400 from Auddict


Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle contains 46.2 GB of multi-sampled Kontakt instruments including a solo piccolo, solo flute,solo oboe, solo clarinet and solo bassoon. The instruments come with true legato samples that have been captured with articulations including Legato with and without recorded vibrato, Polyphonic/Chord playing with vibrato and without vibrato, Trills/Tremolos, Flutter Tongue, Triple Tongue, Staccato, Staccatissimo as well as  Key Noises which are able to played alone if needed.

The exception here is no Clarinet vibrato is included (as it is not a standard technique), but all instruments have functionality for crossfading dynamic layers via MIDI CC1 or Mod Wheel for realism.

The flute and the piccolo are my two favorite instruments in this library

The flute and the piccolo are my two favorite instruments in this library due to their astonishingly well-captured timbres. When I first got the library, I loaded in the solo flute patch, and was instantly captured by the quality of the legato. My first thought was that it was quite on par with the solo woodwind expansion from the premium Woodwind library I have been using. Although, I discovered I wasn’t a big fan of the “polyphonic no vibrato” and “staccato” articulations. The “staccatissimo” sounds much more realistic and is perfect for runs. Recording separate voices / passes would be the best way to use this library, as the polyphonic patch doesn’t sound very realistic.

The instruments all have a beautiful tone, and they are also very agile.

The legato overall sounds very nice. The legato isn’t as fluid and eccentric as the flute, oboe, or bassoon. But generally speaking, the staccatissimo articulation in this library unanimously throughout the library are very good for runs.

Articulation Selections

Another note on the flute, the velocity sensitive dynamics for “key sounds/mechanics” is very well done.

Here the Solo Clarinet is set for Trills articulations. Play any Trill up to Seven Notes Apart and Even Control the Level of True Mechanical Noise Heard from the Instruments

The mixer / mic positions are one of the greatest parts of this library. I am a fan of libraries that give the composer a multitude of mic positions. This allows for one to format the sound to their liking.

Mixer/ Mic selection

Overall this library has an excellent lush tone, and is very usable. I certainly will be adding it to my template.

As always, please check out the audio and video demos with the links provided below to make sure that this is the right tool for your unique needs.


Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle contains over 70,000 weighing in at 46.2 GB.
The library is made up of multi-sampled kontakt instruments and does require the full version of Kontakt 4 or higher.

Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle sells for £400 from Auddict

Demos of Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle

Videos of Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle